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How to Grow Weed During Summer


Every cannabis grower knows the fact that extreme temperatures (cold or hot), can bring tons of risks to the overall growth of weeds. That is why it is best recommended to maintain the temperature of your growing environment to its ideal requirement to avoid stressing your cannabis plants and ending up with drooped and wilted leaves (during summertime).

So if it happens that you want to grow weeds during the summer season, you have to ensure that you will provide much attention to the overall health and life of your cannabis plants for you to get better chances of surviving your weeds regardless of too much heat wave that they are receiving from the summertime.

With that being said, growing weeds during summer will only become successful and efficient if you will take into consideration the following tips that you will find below:

  1. Water your plants more regularly.

Your cannabis plants can easily dry out during summertime. That means they will require you to give them more good amounts of water during summer so they can stay healthy and hydrated all the time.

So never let your soil to feel dry to avoid stressing your cannabis plants and to give them a chance to live and survive the hot weather.

Note: You don’t need to overwater your cannabis plants just to ensure that they will get more chances of surviving the heat because overwatering can lead to oxygen issues. So when watering your plants, you need to master the perfect scheduling and also never allow your cannabis leaves from getting water since the droplets can be easily burned by the heat of the sun.

  1. Allow your plants to experience evaporative cooling.

There are two ways on how you can give your cannabis plants from experiencing the evaporative cooling. It can either be done through the use of a tray, pebbles, and water or by watering your plants early in the morning.

The first technique is called plant humidity tray wherein you have to fill a tray with tons of pebbles then adding water until it reaches the top of the pebbles. After filling it with water, you need to place your cannabis plant on top of your tray with pebbles and water then leave it there to give your plants some cool air during summertime. (Note: Never let the water from the tray to be absorbed by your plants for this would result to overwatering.)

The second one which is the watering every early morning should actually be done together with the first technique to enhance the cool temperature around your cannabis plants. So when you both do this, you can be sure that your plants will not suffer from any heat issues.

  1. Use potting soil, peat, vermiculite, and guano as your growing medium.

Your growing medium should be able to hold more water and moisture to avoid drying out instances. So to achieve a moist growing medium, you need to use the mixture of potting soil (at least 50%), peat (25%), vermiculite (15%), and guano (10%).

  1. Give your cannabis plants shade.

Direct sunlight can damage your plants most especially during summertime. So to avoid complications, you need to provide proper shading to your cannabis while maintaining the proper airflow such as by using a shade net just in case that there is no perfect spot for shading your plants.

  1. Use the right strains.

You need to choose the perfect strains that can survive hot weathers. You can try some of the auto-flowering strains that are actually created for hot weathers. Additionally, the Hawaiian, African, Haze, and Sativa strains are all well-known with heat-resistance ability since these strains were all originated from hot climates.


All things considered, there is a perfect solution that you need to take into consideration for you to be able to grow weeds during summer. So no need to stress yourself now for you are still capable of growing your most loved cannabis during the summer season.

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