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How to Grow Weed in Colder Climates

For novice cannabis growers who are living in places where cold weathers are more consistent, they think that it is not possible for them to grow their own cannabis due to the extreme coldness that they are experiencing in their areas.

But the truth is, the cold will never bother you and your future cannabis plants in any way as long as you know the exact knowledge on how to properly grow weeds in colder climates. So if you are dreaming to grow your own weeds in colder climates, continue reading this article as we will give you incredible tips that you can follow to become a successful grower even in colder climates.

  1. Get the right strain.

You need to get the right kind of strain if you are living in a place where colder climates are more consistent to occur to get more chances of survival for your cannabis. Strains such as auto-flowering, nitro lemon haze, and northern lights are good examples of strains that can survive colder climates.

So before actually starting your journey to growing weeds in colder climates, make sure that you will do a good research about your strain to ensure that your desire will be accomplished very well.

  1. Grow your strains indoors before transplanting them in their outdoor environment.

Countries with colder climates have shorter summer season that runs between 8 to 9 weeks only. That means if you want to grow your cannabis plant in outdoors, you need to grow your strain first indoors for about 2 months prior to its summer season to ensure that the vegetative and flowering stages of your cannabis will not encounter any interruptions.

So before anything else, you need to nurture your plants for indoor growing and use the right grow lights and also plant them in pots instead of placing them directly on the ground since the risk of encountering the frost might occur anytime in colder weather.

  1. Optimize the growing environment of your weeds.

You need to maintain a temperature between 70 to 80 degrees Fahrenheit in your growing environment to ensure that your plants will completely survive against its colder weather. And the only way to do this is to actually grow your weeds inside a greenhouse to allow your plants from getting enough heat from the sun while protecting your cannabis from the invasion of the pests.

That means the greenhouse is ideal when growing weeds in colder climates because it has the ability to absorb sufficient heat during summertime and the humidity level can also be perfectly controlled inside the greenhouse. Additionally, you can add humidity and heating technologies inside a greenhouse, that’s why there are more chances of getting a successful crop when you opt for this growing option.

All in all, growing weeds during colder climates are 100% doable and possible! So cheer up now and find the best strain for your cold weather and make sure that you will apply the following tips given above to get a guarantee that you will harvest good crops according to your personal desires!

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