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How to Grow Purple or Pink Cannabis Buds

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 Grow Purple and Pink Cannabis Buds

Growing cannabis plant is both challenging and adventurous. Aside from the fact that it can either provide you something to smoke or to earn money, you can learn a lot of knowledge out of it also. Did you know that you can do fancy things to your Cannabis too? In these days where we live in different discoveries, we can almost say that everything is possible to happen.

Usually, we can see grown Cannabis in its natural green color, but today, it is now possible to grow Cannabis plants having purple or pink buds. A lot of people showed interest in growing Cannabis this way because of several reasons. Some are just for fun and others used this method to appeal possible buyers and sell it with higher price. Whatever your reason, at the end, this method will let you produce good-looking buds that will surely captivate many people.

Can color influence bud’s potency?

For some people who are asking if buds with different color are more potent, the answer is actually no. The color of the buds doesn’t affect its smell, taste and potency. The reason why a lot of people prefer to have colourful buds is only one, to meet the standard of human’s nature. Most of the time, we wanted to choose the colourful one rather than the plain one. Just like picking an apple, I assume you would rather pick the red one rather than the pale one. Just like in our Cannabis plants, people tend to choose purple or pink buds rather than plain ones. However, when it comes to its overall performance, it is still the same, nothing’s changed, and nothing’s improved.

What are the ways and steps in having colourful buds?

Step 1

The first step will start in choosing the right seeds. Yes, it would definitely starts on what kind of strain you chose to grow. Cannabis plants that produce purple or pink buds have higher content if anthocyanin. Anthocyanin is a water-soluble pigment that can be found in plants. These pigments, depending on its PH level may appear red, purple or blue.

In having colourful purple buds, it is a fact that you cannot force you Cannabis plants to produce your desired color. It will depend on the strain/genes you chose to raise. At some point, there are also seed’s tricks to produce colourful buds like choosing seeds with vibrant colors and make breed from it.

Step 2

Getting the right temperature is the next step. Just like us, plants need right temperature to grow. How does temperature affects in turning the buds from green to purple/pink? Here comes the explanation, the Anthocyanin are typically hiding in the seeds, during the month of fall, the pigments tend to break down which will cause purple pigments to come out. In maximizing colourful buds, the recommended temperature would be 24-27 degree Celsius for warm days while for cool nights it should be 18-21 degree Celsius.

Note: some buds depending on the kind of stain will result to reddish or gold.

Step 3

The third and final step is knowing the heating control. During the flowering stage, 10 degrees Celsius is the ideal temperature. It is important to control and constantly monitor the temperature or else your Cannabis plant will be damaged. Lastly, try to patiently wait around two weeks before harvesting to ensure that the buds are all in purple or pink color.

Did you know that not only buds can become colourful? There are four different parts that might turn into different colors, these are the following:

  • Pistils/hairs

For some growers, they are more preferred to turn the buds only to pink or purple since these colors will stay the same even after the buds will be dried. However, the pistils or the hair colors can also be changed.

  • Calyxes

These are the part of the plants which are made by the bud itself. Hundreds of Calyxes will make bud and if the Calyxes will turn purple the entire bud will turn the same color too.

  • Leaves

There are some genes where in only the leaves will turn purple and the buds will stay in green color. This makes the plant more eye-catchy since it has unique color. However, the leaves will be trimmed after the harvest so it will not be noticeable anymore.

  • Trichomes

Naturally, the color of the trichome of Cannabis plant is white and will turn to yellow (where this is one of the indications of harvest time).  Some strains make changes in color of trichomes; however it will cause difficulty in identifying if the Cannabis plants are now ready to be harvested.

How to do color and genetic maximization?

In order to have a bright and beautiful Cannabis plant you should apply these following techniques:

  • Choose strains/genes that will produce purple color to the buds and pistils
  • It’s better to choose strains with purple buds to realize maximum color even after drying
  • Secure right temperature
  • Strong and direct sunlight may help a lot
  • Right PH of the roots may is also be helpful

Final thought

The color of the buds has no effect when it comes to its potency, however it will influence to your overall Cannabis growing. Let’s just say that more people will be interested in your Cannabis if it has vibrant and bright color. Have a great Cannabis growing!

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