A bong is a filtration device that is usually made out of plastic, ceramic, or glass. It is used for smoking tobacco, various herbal extracts, and marijuana flowers. Bongs have turned into a staple in the glass collection of every stoner across the globe. A bong works similarly to a hookah, as the smoke is filtered through water. The filtration process allows for the smoke to cool off a bit before being inhaled. A bong may be fairly plain in design, consisting of only a stem and a bowl in its simplest form. However, modern-day bongs encompass the limitless artisanship of their creators. The complexity of bong designs keeps increasing, giving rise to more sophisticated bongs, where percolators, ash catchers, and ice holders may be also incorporated to bring the cannabisseur experience to the next level. Any of these additional “gadgets” are provided with a mind to further purifying and cleansing the smoke for a smoother, better burn and feel.

Sample 1

“Have you ever checked out how many bongs she has in her glass collection? Simply mind-blowing!”

Sample 2

“Are you into a cozy movie night this week? I have 2 grams of OG Kush, and my bong is sparkling clean, all ready for delicious bong rips.”