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How to Germinate Marijuana Seeds Successfully

how to germinate marijuana seeds successfully 2

Various qualities of marijuana seeds can be sourced out from different seed banks and depends on how to germinate marijuana seeds successfully. They offer premium quality seeds with superior genetic profile. When marijuana seeds transition to germination stage, that’s when a new plant starts to break out from its seed coat. Often termed as “popping,” this germinating marijuana seeds stage marks the first success of every cannabis grower.

Things You Should Know Before You Germinate Marijuana Seeds

When buying seeds, you want to check if it is mature enough to be planted. It should have a dark brown color and hardness into it. Note that seeds that have a vibrant green color and fresh look are not matured yet. After acquiring the matured marijuana seeds that you want, you need to find an ideal growing space wherein you can plant them. Never put your seeds in a germination stage until you have the grow space, nutrients, and time to take care of them.

Once you have everything you need to put up your indoor garden, it’s time to germinate your seeds and they need simple things: heat, water, and air. Once you have these, you can germinate your seeds in different methods. For this article, we will tackle the most popular and simple method, which uses water soaked paper towels. Below are the things you need:

  • Paper towels
  • Two clean plates
  • Seeds


  1. Soak four pieces of paper towels. It should be saturated in water but there shouldn’t be any runoff.
  2. Get two pieces of paper towel and put them in a plate. Get the seeds and place them on top of the paper towel. Make sure they have adequate space from each other. Then, cover them with another two paper towels.
  3. Cover the top using a plate to create a dark, protected area for the seeds.
  4. Keep the area warm and clean.
  5. Make sure the seeds are moisturized by spraying a little amount of water when it becomes dry. 
  6. Wait for several days until the seed breaks and the sprout appears.
  7. Avoid touching the sprout or moving it. 

Now that you know the basic method of germinating marijuana seeds, know the most common mistakes when germinating marijuana seeds that you should be aware of. Jorge Cervantes gives more details in his book “The Cannabis Encyclopedia.”

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