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Germinate Marijuana Seeds Instead of Planting Them

marijuana seeds germinating

So you’ve already purchased new seeds or maybe procured them from your old marijuana plants. Now it’s time to decide what type of germination method to use. There are lots of ways you could choose from when germinating your marijuana seeds. On the other hand, you could choose to plant them directly to the dirt as well. But if you ask most expert marijuana growers, most of them would say that it is best to germinate marijuana seeds before planting into the growing medium. Why don’t we go ahead and see the differences between the two and decide from there? Shall we?

The Paper Towel Method

First of all, you must be aware that all marijuana seeds need in order to germinate are warmth, enough water and a dark place. When you provide the proper amount of water or moisture to your seeds, the little roots inside of the seed sense the presence of water and seek out in order to look for that moisture. This is how they sprout.

So now let’s get on to the part of the paper towel method. This is the most common and also perhaps the most popular method to germinate cannabis seeds. It’s fairly easy to do as well. All you have to do is put your seeds on a damp paper towel. Make sure it is just damp but not wet. Remember that too much water and too little water will kill off your seeds. Keeping your seeds wet will not enable the root to go out of the seed’s outer shell because it is kept happily wet inside. Not keeping it damp or leaving it dry will kill them in the process as well. So make sure to find the balance between the two. When you feel like the paper towel is getting dry, put a few droplets of water on it and you will be all set for the next few hours.

Planting Directly in Soil

Another way to germinate your marijuana seeds is just to plant them directly in soil. But before doing this, you have to soak your seeds in water first for a few hours in order to activate the seeds. When you’ve done this step, you could go ahead and plant the seeds directly on to the dirt with up to 5 or 10 millimeters deep. Make sure not to exceed this range as planting the seeds too shallow will make for weaker plants that do not have a firm hold on to the growing medium. This will cause the plant to dry out eventually. And when you plant the seed too deep, it will not have exposure to light therefore it will die out even before it starts to sprout.

However, when you choose to plant your marijuana seeds directly in dirt, you expose them to a tendency of invasion by microorganisms or other pests. The most common ones include fungi, molds and bugs. Soil, being a carrier of multiple good and bad microorganisms in itself exposes your marijuana seeds to these risks. Therefore if you want to grow a strong plant and have a great start to your marijuana harvesting goals in the future, the better way to choose is by germinating the seeds first before transplanting or repotting.


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