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G13 Feminized

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G13 Marijuana Seeds is an indica dominant cannabis strain with high THC that’s easy to grow. This is a small plant growing only 80 to 120 cm but can produce a monstrous 1000 grams per plant outdoors and 600 grams per square meter indoors. This can take a bit of time to flower, but you’ll get buds with berry, orange, woody, earthy, skunk, and sweet flavors.

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More About G-13 (fem)

The Formulation of Pure Power

Wrapped with a puzzle, G13 is likely the theory of scheme. It is thought that it was formulated by the FBI and CIA scientists to develop an extremely powerful cannabis variety. Whether this is a reality to this speculation or none, G13 feminized possesses a THC level that is as much as 24 percent. It delivers the mind in a lofty high, making it attain an intensified euphoric feeling.

Simultaneously, G13 dazed the entire body with enormous, couch-locking relief. Because of this effect, it is commonly recommended to consume the plant during night-time or in a schedule that can coddle deep sleep.

G13 is greatly resistant to pests and molds. Nevertheless, its branches and canopy should be tended to offer its large buds enough room to prosper. Carrying out the maintenance also lets adequate airflow and penetration of light, which, naturally, improves the general health condition of the plant.

1 review for G13 Feminized

  1. James

    This is a powerful strain of weed. I use this strain to help me with pain and sleep, it has been very helpful with my joints and with my insomnia. A bit of a lengthy grow but well worth it if you have the patience, a delicious hybrid with a nice Indica heavy buzz, will keep you on the couch, but if you are like me, that is a good thing! What I love most is that a pretty high % of THC content leads to a nice and euphoric high, and the smell of this stuff, super strong and woody, full of flavors and aromas that will get you in the mood. Highly recommended.

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