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What to Focus On During the Cannabis Seedling’s First Month


Growing cannabis plants might be both fun and exciting. However, you need to be carefully aware about every idea on how to properly grow cannabis plants. As growers, it is our big role to always give our eye to our cannabis grown plants. Every phase needs care and attention and it is our responsibility to give these things to them.

When we refer to the word seedling, it is the stage following after germination. In this stage, you can see that they are fully sprouted and the leaves are starting to grow. However, these leaves will only have one finger, unlike the mature Cannabis plants that are having 5-7 leaves. During this stage, appropriate care should be given to our Cannabis plants. I can say that this stage is the start of life of our Cannabis and if we will properly care our plants during this stage, we will expect a high yielding crop during the harvest season.

In this article, we will discuss about the things to focus on during the seedling’s first month in order to educate growers especially to beginners and help them in growing cannabis plants.

Seedling’s safety

In this stage of our Cannabis plant safety is a must! Since seedlings are very vulnerable and sensitive, we should make sure that our seedlings are safe. Giving disturbance-free and safe environment is part of our investment. In this way, we are giving our Cannabis seedlings the chance to develop freely and vigorously.

What Are The Seedling’s Threats During this Stage?

Seedlings are very prone to insects, rodents, and other pests. Insects are very interested to eat our seedlings and if we can’t protect them properly, our seedlings will end up destroyed. It would be better if we will provide a protective shelter to our Cannabis seedlings, like having a transparent cover or anything that will protect the seedlings (but make sure to give proper ventilation). Some growers use plastic bottles where they cut it into two and use the lower half through placing it over the seedlings (if you will do this method, do not forget to cut holes for some ventilation).

While it is necessary to protect our seedlings from these threats, they also need many elements to survive. For example sunlight and water, these elements are very vital in the growing stage of our seedlings. Sunlight plays an important role in the photosynthetic process of the plants while water helps the seedlings to have proper breathing letting the whole plants to receive proper amount of oxygen.

Appropriate Water Application

Seedlings need water to have a lot of oxygen for the whole plants. However, too much water application will also result to seedling’s destruction or worst to death. Many would agree with me that the most common watering problem is overwatering especially for beginners. Did you know that the problem with overwatering is not about the quantity of water but it is the lack of oxygen? This is commonly happens to those seedlings that are placed on containers. Drooping leaves is one of the most common sign of overwatering. On the other side, underwatering can be a problem too. This will result to dryness and wilting of leaves.

Watering is an important point to focus on during the seedling’s first month. Right amount of water will result to vigorous growth of our Cannabis seedling.

Nutrients Dosage and Application

Nutrients are very important to our seedlings. However, we should be mindful about the correct application and right amount of dosage. Too much fertilizer will result to toxicity of our seedlings. Another point to remember is the kind of nutrients we should give to our Cannabis seedlings. During this stage, the seedlings need nutrients which are rich in Phosphorous.

The perfect time to apply fertilizer is when you can see the true leaves appearing in your Cannabis seedlings.

Right temperature

Seedlings need right amount of temperature. Too much or too little amount of temperature will result to poor health of our cannabis plants. The perfect temperature is around 73 degrees Fahrenheit. Higher than this given temperature will result to curled leaves. If this happen, adjust the temperature right away to prevent seedling’s damage.

Sufficient lighting

Both indoor and outdoor growing, lighting plays an important role in growing Cannabis especially during the seedling period. If you are growing indoor, make sure to provide proper lighting as light gives energy to our seedlings. The right interval should be 18 hours of light and 6 hours of dark.

Thank you for reading this article, we hope that it gives you a lot of information and ideas on how to properly care your cannabis seedlings.

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