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Flying With Edibles: Is it a Good Idea?

Is flying with edibles allowed? One of the most common questions that airline companies get is “Can you take cannabis edibles on a plane?” Before we go into the details, here is a quick answer for you: NO.

You cannot take cannabis edibles with you when you ride a plane. There are no exemptions; even a small ounce is prohibited. 

Travelers who have tried to take edibles in states where cannabis is illegal to have reported a hands-off rule from the TSA (Transportation Security Administration) as well as local law-enforcement bodies. Meanwhile, those traveling to states that do not allow recreational cannabis use may run into some trouble if they still want to fly with cannabis edibles.

TSA is not after marijuana 

You see, the TSA is not looking for weed and will less likely to check your THC chocolate bars. The TSA is looking for anything that can harm bombs, weapons, guns, liquids, and any other suspicious items.

But if the TSA finds a substance that looks like marijuana or a weed-infused edible then your case will be referred to airport law enforcement officers. The TSA may also call the local police and not the feds. But if you’re in a marijuana-friendly state then you might be asked to throw the edible or your stash away.

If you’re in a state where recreational weed is prohibited then you may be in trouble. The New York Times reported that passengers that were caught sneaking cannabis edibles at the Jacksonville Airport in Florida in 2016 were arrested and detained. 

Meanwhile, if a passenger is found to keep marijuana in their person in Colorado and the amount legal under the state’s law at the TSA checking areas, a Denver police officer will simply talk to the passenger. He will explain why flying with edibles is not allowed and will ask the passenger to throw away his stash. According to a report, only 29 people were found to possess marijuana in 54 million passengers that use the airport. A senior public info officer said that because of this very small number of people, they no longer do tracking

How to fly with edibles?

Suppose you want to fly with some cannabis truffles or a bar of your favorite THC-infused gummies, what do you do? Edibles are indeed the most inconspicuous way of traveling with weed. And you may not be headed to marijuana-friendly cities like Denver, Portland, or Seattle, but you can still travel with edibles without alerting the TSA. It’s just a matter of packing your edibles properly.

When flying with edibles, you have no choice but to place them inside your checked baggage. Therefore, you need to do this correctly otherwise your precious edibles will end up in an airport trashcan!

Remove the edibles from their original packaging

TSA and other airport personnel won’t be able to spot your edibles when these are inside regular food packaging. It will be difficult to spot a bar of laced chocolate when you place it inside an authentic package or box.

Mix cannabis edible food with regular food 

Combine cannabis edibles with other regular food items so these will be hard to see. Your pack of colorful cannabis-infused gummies may be mixed with the same type of edible. Just among the cannabis concentrates that can be mistaken for food are budder, honeycombs, crumble, and oils to name a few.

Use regular food packaging to keep your edible stash

If you don’t want to mix edibles with non-edibles then use regular food packaging to wrap your edibles instead. Don’t throw away chocolate wrappers and use these to wrap you stash instead. 

Flying with edibles, how to pass airport security?

As we mentioned, the TSA is not into checking each bag to check for cannabis, especially cannabis edibles. They are more likely to be looking for dangerous items like bombs, firearms, materials to make bombs, guns, and bullets.  

So if you must fly with edibles, repack your cannabis edibles and place these together with other food or food souvenirs. Here are a few ideas:  

  • Use regular vitamin pill containers to hide the THC pill.
  • Remove regular chips and replace these with weed chips. 
  • Remove tin cookies and replace these with cannabis-infused cookies.
  • Remove regular tea bags and replace these with THC tea. 
  • Replace regular chocolate with THC-infused chocolates.  

Can you fly with other forms of cannabis?

You probably know by now that flying with cannabis edibles is not a good idea if you’re in a state where recreational cannabis is illegal. More so if you’re in a country where there are strict rules on cannabis use. 

But what about flying with other cannabis forms like vape juice, joints, blunts, raw buds, and hash? Sadly, these forms may not be permitted at all. First of all, vape juice may be classified as suspicious liquids and thus you are not allowed to travel with it. Also, vaping tools and equipment like vaporizers are battery-operated and thus, these may not be allowed in a plane.

When it comes to joints, blunts, or raw flower, you may receive huge fines when you are in a state or country with very strict cannabis laws. Take note that when traveling with weed products, consider laws of the city where you’re at and the laws of your destination.

If you’re carrying medical cannabis

Because cannabis is widely regarded not just for its recreational effects but also for its medicinal effects, a lot of people are traveling with weed. If you’re traveling with medical marijuana, take your prescription with you. Always travel with just the right dose you need.  

Contact your carrier for more details

If you want to clear things out before you travel, you can contact your carrier for updated information. Follow rules on how much you can take and how to carry your weed. Consider TSA regulations because these are for everyone’s safety.

Flying with edibles should never be overlooked especially when you live in an area where cannabis is prohibited. Don’t overlook safety and follow rules whether you’re traveling internationally or locally.

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