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Why Flush Autoflowering Cannabis and When to Do it?

Flushing your auto-flowering or regular cannabis plants can give you tons of benefits. This may sound a little bit unfamiliar to those who are just starting to grow their own cannabis plants, but this simple task can create a big impact on the overall growth and experience of the user.

Yes, flushing can affect your total smoking experience. So if you want to smoke your autoflowering cannabis smoothly while getting the real taste of cannabis, then you should now practice the act of flushing before your harvest time.

But before anything else, let us first define the answers to these questions:

  1. What is flushing?
  2. Why should the cannabis growers need to do the flushing in their auto-flowering and regular cannabis plants?
  3. When is the perfect time to do the flushing?

What is Flushing?

Flushing is just the same with detoxification. You have to detox your cannabis plants to remove all the excessive nutrients and other minerals that are found in your plant.

When flushing your autoflowering cannabis, you need to ensure that you will use a plain water with right pH level to avoid your plant from absorbing any salt or aluminum from your water.

That means, your water should not contain any nutrients or supplements because the purpose of flushing is to remove every bit of the nutrients that are present in your autoflowering plants. So if you will just use water with nutrients, then your flushing will become useless.

Why Flush Your Cannabis Plants?

Every cannabis grower needs to undergo with the flushing of autos or not simply because we do not want to smoke a cannabis that tastes like a fertilizer with a combination of bad chemicals.

If you have seen someone or even tried to smoke a weed and you feel like your cough is about to kill you and the taste is truly horrible, it only means that your weed has too many nutrients and the build up of chemicals in your cannabis plants were not properly flush.

So even if you have grown your auto-flowering with so much care and attention, and regardless of how you carefully cured and dried your buds, you will still end up smoking a bad weed if you will just ignore the process of flushing since the act of flushing will allow your cannabis plants to use their own nutrients to continue the process of growing and maturing right before its harvest time.

That means your cannabis plant will be free from any nutrients by the time that you will harvest them if you will schedule your flushing on the right timing. Yes, you need to know the right time before you flush your cannabis plants because if you flush them too early, flushing will only cause your plant to become unhealthy with lesser yields.

So always know the ideal time when to flush your cannabis to avoid quality and growing issues.

When to Flush Your Cannabis Plants?

Flushing should be done two weeks before your harvest time. But for autoflowering cannabis plants, it is best suggested to flush your autos 5 to 10 days or 2 weeks before your harvest period.

And if you are using amended soil, you don’t need to flush your cannabis, but if you are growing in soil, you need to flush it 1 to 2 weeks before its harvest time. For other types of growing medium, you need to flush your cannabis in less then a week if you are a coco grower, and for hydro growers, two to three days before your harvest is the ideal time for you to flush your cannabis.

But before you flush it, make sure that you will check the color of your trichomes first to know if your cannabis is ready to undergo the flushing. So if the trichomes are already clear with a milky and cloudy color, this is a good sign that you can now start to flush your cannabis using a plain water without any supplements or nutrients on it.

Again, make sure that the pH level of your water is not too high or too low to avoid further issues that might occur in the process.

So after flushing your cannabis plants, you can now harvest your crop with much confidence and smoke it smoothly! All in all, flushing should not be ignored for it will give you impressive results once you are using it. To that extent, you should now begin to flush your cannabis before your harvest time arrived for you to get the best experience while smoking your cannabis!

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