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Finding Time to Grow Cannabis

time to grow cannabis

Many of us have asked ourselves the question “do I have the time to grow cannabis plants”? The answer would be a yes! If you find the proper balance between work and other activities with growing marijuana then you can still be able to grow them. You just need to manage your time well and take a look at these hacks that would definitely work for a busy grower like you. Much of it can be automated with a grow setup which will help you take care of the plants at every stage.

Growing setups can save you time

To start with, you can opt for a growing setup that will save you time. For example, if you have the luxury of space and good weather to grow outdoors then do it. Growing outdoors will save you much more time compared to indoor growing. When you grow indoors, you need to do everything you can to simulate natural growing conditions. As for outdoors, you can sit back and let nature do it for you.

Another way to save time is to use super soil. Super soil is a common term for soil that is already amended and composted. It is especially formulated to give your marijuana plants enough stability so that they won’t need constant adjustment of pH and addition of nutrients.

Time saving cannabis strains

Certain strains are more difficult to grow than others. Some are auto flower strains and some have to be triggered to flower.

One of the key things to consider if you’re a busy grower is to choose the right strain. The strain you wish to plant should not require much more time than you could actually spare. There are many strains you could choose from that are especially bred to be easy to grow. These strains are much more resilient when it comes to extreme heat, cold and humidity. They are also strong enough to stand watering issues. These strains are as tough as they can get but will still provide you with desirable yields. One much recommended strain, especially if you’re a beginner, is Northern Lights.

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