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How to Find Out Which Cannabis Strain You are Growing

If you are just talking about its strain whether its sativa, indica, and ruderalis, then it would be quite possible to figure out what type of plant it is. But if you are talking about its specifics and the name of the strain, then you could not really do it alone. There are a lot of existing types of cannabis plants. Nonetheless, it would be difficult to identify which one fits the other with just looking at a piece of weed. You need to send the weeds for testing or ask for a professional help to identify the kind of weed you’ll have. The same is done for also testing the THC levels but there are a few at home solutions that are not as accurate.
But nonetheless, for basics let’s just get you a hint of some powerful indicators that you could look into when evaluating your weeds. These parameters are important to loosen out the probability of finding the best fit for it.

Shape and Size of the Cannabis Leaves

If the weeds you have aren’t pulverized, then the flower size or shape could be helpful in determining what type of strain you are having. Most sativa strains have flowers that are long and narrow.This is completely opposite with indica strains that tend to be more dense and short than sativa. A mixture of the characteristics of the two strains could mean that your plants are hybrid based. A good time to check this is when your pruning your cannabis plant.

Color of Cannabis

Color is really not a reliable parameter. Color could be influenced by environmental conditions and thus, not often use when identifying a cannabis plant. However, its color could provide a significant and additional information regarding what type of plant the weed have. This is particularly helpful in cases where the strains are purple, yellow, orange, or red in color. Since these colors are quite rare on a cannabis bud, evaluation of its name will be easily identified as needed.

Cannabis Taste and Flavor

This could be a helpful indication though there are a lot of weeds who share the same taste and smell. But nonetheless, examining its taste would be a good start on identification your cannabis strains.
In reality, you will really get a hard time on identifying a specific type of cannabis plant. To assist you, there are existing services that you could take on in order to help you what type of strain and type of plant you have. Just grab out with a picture, send it to them, and they’ll do the job for you!

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