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Feminized Vs Autoflower: Which Seed Is Best To Grow?

feminized vs autoflower which seed is best to grow

Autoflowering marijuana seeds feminized defending its title

Have you been querying if cannabis seeds can self-reproduce? Unlike most plants, cannabis is not proficient of self-reproduction. But if you are someone who’s studying and inspiring grower, autoflowering marijuana seeds feminized is an excellent pick. Why?

If you’ve never sprouted cannabis before, distinguishing male from female is essential. Female cannabis provides sprouts, and the male cannabis yields microspores that pollinate the female plant. And according to, feminization, or usually known as pollination, is the conditioning process of seed production, which requires the female plant to receive male pollen.

Mistakes of knowing their gender may result in inefficient and unproductive crops. If you are not 100% assured that your seeds are female cannabis plant, an enormous amount of time and effort will be wasted.

Feminized cannabis seeds are cultivated to yields 99.9% of a female plant. The female plant is liable for producing buds that, in the latter part, are dried, fumed, and applied for remedy. There are two seeds which yield female cannabis plant: autoflowering marijuana seeds feminized and standard feminized seeds.

Autoflowering Seeds

They are designed to produce and blossom concurrently.  The plant will shift automatically to their flowering life-cycle phase, no application from the producer for this to occur. Once sprouted, the plant will begin to grow, develop stems, and yield flowers. Thus, causing production significantly simpler.

The need to sex your plants when flowering begins is no longer needed. The plant utilizes its energy into producing flowers, not a seed.


  1. No need to replace lighting that can mitigate the life cycle. Though a 16-hours of light is advised for excellent outcomes.
  2. Quality seedless flowers. No need to consume energy on eliminating the male. You guarantee that all harvest will be female plants. Shorter life-cycle. A built-in flowering time is present in this seed, meaning the flowering stage begins at a predetermined time, approximately 55 days.
  3. Can be planted both indoors and outdoors. It isn’t necessary to expect until the seasons shift for flowering to begin. Outdoor autoflowering seeds can provide multiple yields within the same period.
  4. Most auto flowering specimens produce plants that are considerably shorter and more compact than regular cannabis plants. Thus, making them excellent for smaller grow areas and managing under covers in general.
  5. Lessens risk problems. Due to their quick developing time, it provides remarkably resilient plants with sturdy protection to pests, infection and other common problems.
  6. They can also handle cold breezes and environmental differences much better than other cannabis seeds.

Autoflowering seeds grow smaller than other cannabis seeds, giving it an edge especially for some states who have a plant height ceiling.

Feminized Seeds

These seeds are intended to eradicate the likelihood of producing male plants completely.

A plant should possess two X chromosomes for it to provide female plant while standard cannabis with XY chromosomes can bear both male or female plant.

The cultivator isolates and removes male hormone from female cannabis to produce 99% of female plants. It is to give the grower a complete administration on their production guaranteeing that only the best flowers are bred.

Any female marijuana plant that is restricted from becoming fertilized will produce flowers without seeds.


  1. Secured high harvest: Feminized marijuana seeds have high harvest and demand less effort to accumulate high quantities.
  2. Developed genes: Numerous feminized seeds are genetically mutated for the wanted characteristics such as the level of fragrances and tastes that customers in the business fancy.
  3. Reducing expenditure: Relocating is expensive and time-consuming. Feminized marijuana seeds save retail growers from the difficulty of farming seeds, and transporting male plant.
  4. Avoiding the loss caused by too much clipping: There are some instances when a trimmed female marijuana plant turns into a male plant. Using feminized seeds reduce this dilemma or eradicate it naturally
  5. Clone easily with authority: It is easy to clone female marijuana plants because there is a rather high probability that the emerging plant will be female.
  6. Even plants: Feminized cannabis seeds provide plants that are identical in correlation to standard seeds.
  7. Cost efficient: Feminized cannabis seeds yield 99% female plants with occasional exceptions. No amount of work will be put to waste because no male plants are to be extracted.

Feminized seeds still demand the same requirements as standard cannabis, such as a necessity to check the light cycle to spark flowering at the appropriate time.

Expert cannabis breeders know that every scope has to be used to achieve the highest attainable yield. Many growers use super-cropping methods, proper pruning, and planting systems for them to have a fine product.

Whether you are knowledgeable at producing Cannabis or a beginner, purchasing feminized autoflowering seeds boosts your capability for a prosperous yield of Cannabis buds.

So, which should you prefer? It all varies on your growing area, wanted flowering season, and desired yield.

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