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Feminized Seeds – The Genetic Modification of Hemp Seeds

feminized seeds the genetic modification of hemp seeds

Hemp plants were once used for their seeds and plant parts. The seeds were manufactured into the oil while the different plant parts like the stems and leaves are made into strong textiles and building material. But farmers are going beyond the usual uses of hemp. They are now buying bulk feminized cannabis seeds to grow hemp for its buds.

What is hemp exactly?

If you have never heard of hemp plants before then you may have never met the sibling of the marijuana plant. Marijuana and hemp are closely related. They are both cannabis plants but contain different compounds and hence, have different effects and uses.

Marijuana is a cannabis plant grown, raised, cultivated and used mainly for its recreational effects. Marijuana plants grow tall and wide and the only part of the plant that’s used is the buds. The rest may be used as bulk plant part but the important recreational compounds are found in the buds.

Hemp is cultivated mainly for its seeds and plant parts. The flower is never used.  The seeds are where you get hemp oil used for manufacturing food items, personal products, and medications while the plant parts are used as building materials and as fiber or textile.  

Hemp is not illegal to grow in many countries, unlike marijuana which is prohibited in a number of regions and places around the globe.

But hemp is slowly making a name out of products from its flowers or buds. The buds of hemp plants have high CBD content and low THC levels which means that these plants can be used as a therapeutic treatment.

What are feminized hemp seeds?

Feminized hemp seeds are seeds that will grow plants that are all females. These female plants will grow buds which will yield precious CBD. Why an all-female ensemble?

Having male plants in your growing area can significantly affect your yield. Just one male plant can pollinate every single female which can ruin your chances of growing flowers with high CBD. Male plants will pollinate females and soon you will have regular seeds.

Female hemp seeds are far better than traditional photoperiod seeds because

You’ll save money from growing male plants which you don’t need
You won’t waste time tending for plants that you don’t need
You can concentrate on  the health and wellness of your hemp plants
You don’t need to worry about accidental pollination of your female plants
You can get more yields when you use feminized hemp seeds.

How do you make feminized hemp seeds?

Feminized hemp plants come from feminized hemp seeds. But how did feminized seeds came to be? The first step is to select healthy female hemp plants. You need healthy plants to grow seeds with healthy genetics.

Then, use colloidal silver, a compound that will stimulate the hormones of hemp plants so that these female plants will grow male parts with feminized pollen. Colloidal silver is sprayed along the stems and branches of the female plants daily until these grow male parts called sacs or balls.

It won’t take long for these sacs to mature, open and launch millions of feminized pollen spores in the air to fertilize flowers. But you won’t have to wait for this. Use a small plastic bag to collect these sacs.  You can cut the male parts and just drop these inside the bag so you won’t waste any bit of pollen.

With the feminized pollen inside the bag, use a small brush to apply feminized pollen on your female flowers. Apply sparingly until these soon develop feminized seeds.

The seeds need to mature before these are harvested from the plants. Usually, it will take a few more days before the seeds are removed from its pods.

Storing feminized hemp seeds

After harvesting your feminized hemp seeds you need to dry these first for a few days and then proceed with storing them so these will last for a long time. Although it is better to grow fresh seeds, sometimes you only need to germinate a few plants. So how do you store feminized hemp seeds?

The trick is to keep your seeds away from light and moisture which can stimulate germination. Storing your seeds in a large mason jar is one tip or you can use a humidor to keep your seeds in the right humidity. You may also refrigerate or freeze your seeds in case you want to make these last for months or years.

So are feminized hemp seeds genetically modified seeds?

As far as how the feminized hemp seeds are made, yes, these seeds are genetically-modified seeds. The composition in colloidal silver is very potent that it can stimulate genetic changes in cannabis plants.

And there are other ways to make feminized seeds by changing the genetic makeup of female plants. A solution known as gibberellic acid is another way to do it. This is sprayed on to plants the same way how colloidal silver is applied. This also changes female plants, allowing it to grow male structures which will develop feminized pollen as well.

Where do you buy feminized hemp seeds?

Although growing or making your own feminized hemp seeds are far more practical than buying hemp seeds, some people still prefer purchasing hemp seeds and feminized hemp seeds.

If you prefer to buy, buy only from reputable sources. There are feminized hemp seeds distributors online and also from seed banks offline. Online buying lets you choose from a wide variety of strains plus you can also get deals and offers exclusively for online consumers.

some of the most common online deals and promos from online seed banks include free seeds and free deliveries. And when you buy seeds online, you’ll also be able to choose from different online seedbanks; this way, you’ll find the ideal hemp seed providers from where you’re located.

And shopping for feminized hemp seeds is also possible from local seed banks. Local businesses are connected to local and international growers and breeders so that you’ll get the best hemp seed products. Local seed banks may not have an extensive variety of strains like online seed banks do but the best thing is that you can immediately take your purchases home and grow them.

But whether you prefer to buy your seeds online or you would rather go to a local seed bank, one thing’s for sure. You can get the chance to grow feminized hemp seeds at home.

Why buy bulk feminized cannabis seeds?

Another way to save money on seeds is to buy seeds in bulk. Bulk feminized cannabis or hemp seeds are priced differently and are packed differently as well.  There are many advantages to buying things by bulk

You can save money on shipment and deliveries

Bulk seeds are indeed more expensive than buying seeds in small packs. But don’t be discouraged because most online and offline seed banks will give you special discounts and promos like free shipment and deliveries for orders.

You will also save money on shipment because you will only need to order seeds every other month or once or twice a year instead of ordering seeds once a week. Delivery and shipment costs are the most popular reasons why it’s very expensive to buy seeds online, therefore, to ease on these costs, bulk seeds are more preferred by smart consumers.

You get the same quality seeds to use

When you buy seeds in bulk, you can be sure of the same quality of the seeds you are using. If the bulk seeds you purchased guarantees 100 percent germination, using another brand or bag of seeds could possibly decrease the quality of the content.

So aside from having the same type of seeds or the same strain, having seeds from the same bag guarantees uniform quality.

There’s no need to wait too long to get your seeds each time

Because you have more seeds than what you can use in one grow, you can grow more plants and you don’t have to wait each time to get your seeds from the mail.

You can get more value and even qualify for promos and discounts when you buy more

You’ll be able to qualify for special promos and discounts in some online seed bank sites.

Aside from feminized hemp seeds, you may also buy other types of seeds by bulk. Regular hemp seeds are the most common types. Regular seeds are also called photoperiod seeds and these need a particular light schedule to flower. Photoperiod seeds will only flower when you want it to and in some cases,  photoperiod plants can remain in their growing phase. Regular seeds are the least expensive of all hemp and marijuana seeds.

Marijuana seeds may come in autoflowering varieties too. Although not too common for hemp seeds, autos are the most expensive seeds because these will flower the fastest in just 7 to 9 weeks and won’t require special lighting to do so. Autos are known to be smaller than all other cannabis plants and hence will do well when grown stealthily.


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