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Auto Flowering Cannabis Seeds vs. Regular Seeds

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Out of all 3 types of cannabis seeds (feminized, auto flowering and regular cannabis) the easiest to grow is the autoflowering variety. However, feminized and regular cannabis have also unique features and characteristics that many growers still love to cultivate it. To clearly understand what make these types of strains unique, take time to read to the difference between the three choices:

Regular Cannabis Strains

Regular cannabis strains are suitable for those growers who wanted to produce marijuana seeds in their own. When you choose regular strains, you need to wait the time where your cannabis will reveal their gender. Commonly, regular strains will give you a 50% male and 50% female.

Auto Flowering Cannabis Strains

Auto flowering strains are ideal for outdoor growing. This strain is the easiest to grow simply because it will not rely on the light schedule you give to start producing buds. From the word “auto”, this strain will automatically start in producing its flowers 3 weeks after you started your cultivation.

When it comes to ease of cultivation, autoflowering will not need any switching of light schedule because they will automatically enter the flowering stage.

Both autoflowering and feminized cannabis strains are great for making cannabis clones. They typically grow into hearty plants if done correctly.

Feminized Cannabis Strains

Feminized are those strains which are all female. This means that these strains will not require you to take a close look in its cultivation process because you can be sure that they are all female. Next to auto flowering, this strain is also easy to grow. In its growing process, there is no need for you to observe your weeds closely if they are male or not. Aside from that, this strain will give you a confidence that you can harvest a high yield because all of the weeds will produce buds or flowers. Feminized strains can be found in seed banks or you can make by your own.

Regardless of what kind of cannabis your growing, its always a good idea to be using neem oil on your plants instead of pesticides. Its better for you and the plants.

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