How to Extract THC From Cannabis

thc extraction

THC is the main cannabinoid molecule that is responsible for the euphoric effects of marijuana. It’s also most desirable for cannabis users to induce creativity and boost energy. That is why extraction of pure THC is has been an aim for some cannabis enthusiasts to maximize the potency and THC content when utilizing it.
The good news is that there are existing methods and processes that are done to fully extract THC into your weeds readily.

THC Extraction using Butane

Main Product: Butane Hash Oil, BHO
This is a THC concentrate (80-90%) that uses butane as its main solvent. BHO fall into different categories depending on its final consistency and texture. Among these types include budder, honeycomb, crumble, and sap.
This is a popular method on preparing cannabinoids. However, this is a dangerous method. That is why it is most often employed only through laboratories with security equipment and safety procedures.
Put your quality weed into a secure metal tube.
Cover one end with a filter or mesh screen holes to avoid any weed particles escaping on.
Butane is poured or sprayed upon the tube.
The cannabis-butane solution will trickle below the tube slowly as needed.

THC Extraction using CO2

Main Product: Supercritical CO2 Oil
Since the substance is supercritical, it behaves both as a liquid and a gas. Nonetheless, there is no concrete utilization regarding this oil. Studies have been have been ongoing for this oil. Consequently, a study in Spain shows that extraction using supercritical CO2 could get at least 95% THC.
This extraction method relies more on temperature and pressure. Thus, it should be well-controlled along the process.
Weeds are placed into an extractor where temperature and pressure are maintained to optimized conditions.
The CO2 liquid is poured into the system.
Homogenous solution is formed

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