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Everything You Should Know About Popcorn Buds

Marijuana cultivation will not always be successful. There are a lot of factors that need to be considered to make sure the cultivation has a 100% success rate. Cultivators will always invest in the best cannabis including the best sativa bud that’s available in the market.

However, there will be instances wherein a cannabis cultivation process is not quite an easy breezy process. There will be cases that popcorn buds will occur, these buds are a living testament to their name. They look exactly like popcorns, but if you get this, don’t fret as we will give you useful information about these popcorn buds.

What are Popcorn Sativa Buds?

Popcorn sativa buds are the tiny fluffy flowers that did not quite develop into plump, prime nuggets. These can be usually found at the lower bud sites on a cannabis plant that’s on flowering stage.

In general, popcorn buds are B-grade stash because they are a little too small, too leafy, too loose or it comes in the worst case of fluffy schwag. Both indoor and outdoor growers are advised to take precautionary measures that will help in avoiding popcorn buds.

Although having popcorn buds are not all bad, it can be used for the production of hash oil but only in small batches. Because for larger batches of hash oil, it is highly recommended to chop up the nuggets and colas to extract maximum resin quantity.

What Causes Popcorn Cannabis Buds?

When your cannabis plant develops popcorn buds, that is a sure sign that your cannabis plant is under stress. The number one stress factor that causes popcorn buds is excessive heat. This causes the flowers to form loosely and wispy rather than being dense.

Make sure the temperature in your growing areas is not in excess of 28 degree Celsius which is the best temperature that gives optimum results. Once the temperature exceeds 28 degree Celsius, it can turn your cannabis stash into the trash from top to bottom real quick.

If you’re growing indoors, you can have environmental controls dialed in and you should be able to make a distance between the grow lights and the canopy. For outdoors, you need to look for ways that will help you in alleviating too much heat. You can place a screen or a shading that can protect your plant from heat stress.

Overcrowding and shading of bud sites are another common cause of popcorn buds. This happens when the growing area becomes too crowded with plants that even those who have good spacing that is genetically predisposed to producing oversized fan leaves, both of these need pruning to help them achieve a maximum yield on the top-shelf.

Removing the fan leaves that block the monster light is absolutely necessary to avoid popcorn buds.

Tips on How to Avoid Popcorn Cannabis Buds

Probably the best way to get rid of popcorn buds is to “lollipop” your cannabis plants. This technique entails the removal of all the lower infant bud sites from all the branches. This will usually at the flowering stage in the second or third week. This leaves only the top buds to form into one lush plant.

You can also use the Screen of Green method which is the ultimate training technique that not only eliminates popcorn cannabis buds from the harvest but this also dramatically enhances the harvest.

The Screen of Green method is easy to use, you just need to apply these with the tailor-made for grow tent and there is a lot of screen of green nets available. You can also use this shade screen to protect your plants from heat stress.

You need to make sure that you have good air circulation around the plant as this allows them to prevent stagnant heat and proliferation.

You need to check if you’re giving your cannabis plants proper soil nutrition that is based on the individual cannabis strain. By doing this, you are avoiding malnourishment and therefore preventing the added risk of mutations that can lead to popcorn buds.

Ways to use Popcorn Buds

For cannabis consumers, the advantage of having popcorn buds is that it can be given as a discount. If you want to try a weed strain that’s expensive, what you can do is to buy the popcorn buds and cultivate using them. This will help you in saving a lot of money since most cannabis strains are expensive.

Another good use of Popcorn buds is that they can be smoked. A lot of cultivators and some of the home-grown owners do this. However, don’t expect that the popcorn bud will give you a high feeling like the other cannabis strains. They are denser like the normal cola and you also have few trichomes which mean lesser THC.

Another good use of popcorn buds is that it can be used in concentrate edible products. You can use this in edibles such as gummies, brownies, and cookies. The popcorn buds might not be placed in a more presentable package but the effects it has on edibles will taste and feel nearly identical to the more expensive counterparts.

You can also use this for roll, smoking and vaping. Just like the other cannabis buds that help give a euphoric feeling, using the popcorn buds for smoking whether, for the regular smoke or the vape one, the consumer may experience a certain feeling of elated and euphoria.

How to Trim and Handle Popcorn buds

The popcorn buds are still considered as “keepers” in the mind of most cannabis cultivators. Trimming any cannabis plant can like you are about to undergo a daunting task. If you are going to do a hand-trimming, it’s best to have it scheduled the entire day and have them mixed in with larger flowers to not overwork oneself in a trim session.

After harvesting, make sure that you properly handle the popcorn buds. You need to ensure that it will not get mixed with the rest of your flowers.

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