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Everything You Should Know About Colloidal Silver

If you’re one of those individuals who is planning to start your own cannabis garden, then it’s necessary that you do your homework. One of the most important things that you need to know is about feminizing seeds. And luckily, we wrote this article to provide you more tips and information regarding colloidal silver feminized seeds.

The number of cannabis growers has significantly increased over the past few years. This is because a lot of nations and governments have legalized the consumption and cultivation of this miraculous herb. Part of your goal as a marijuana cultivator is to ensure that you get maximum yield. And one useful tip that we can give you is to learn more about colloidal silver.

What is Colloidal Silver?

It’s basically a mixture of pure silver that is about 0.9999 and distilled water. Colloidal silver is created by providing electrical current through the water and silver mixture. The flow of electricity is very important in order to create the final product. The electrical current causes the microscopic properties of the silver to break away from each other. They then become suspended in the water mixture.

After following such a process, you will then need to apply the final product, which is the colloidal silver to your cannabis plant. This leads to zero Y chromosomes in the pollen you’ve collected. What happens is that the pollen will double its X chromosomes, which dramatically increases and ensure female seed production.

Every marijuana grower must learn this process since this is very helpful when it comes to forcing the plant to produce feminized seeds. Although male cannabis seeds are also very useful in reproduction, most of the time, it’s the female seeds or plants that bring greater reward – such as profit and production.

How to Apply Colloidal Silver

You don’t just put colloidal silver to your plants at any given time. It’s important that you mist your plant with this compound daily for 10 to 14 days. After misting or applying colloidal silver to your plant, you can expect almost 100 percent of creating female seeds. Naturally, without colloidal silver, regardless of whether you’re a pro or a beginner in marijuana cultivation, there’s always that 50 percent of chance of creating or producing male seeds without colloidal silver.

The use of this mixture helps in guaranteeing the production and development of female seeds. It’s also important to note that even if your male cannabis does develop, technically, their genetics is still female. So basically, it’s a female plant but with male cannabis characteristics.

The best time for you to apply colloidal silver is (a day or two) before the cannabis plant switches to the flowering stage. It’s important that you being immediately misting colloidal silver on newer growth every day. You need to do this until male sacs start to form or develop.

After noticing that formation of male sacs, you will then have to isolate or separate it from the other plants that are flowering. Remember that you don’t want to pollinate other female plants. It may take some time before male sacs start to develop and so you need to make sure that you stay patient. It normally takes about two to three weeks, depending on the genetics.

And once you start seeing pollens, the next thing that you need to do is to gently tap the sacs on a smooth surface such as a mirror – this makes your work easier and more efficient. It’s recommended that you use the pollen immediately or you can also store it in a container in the freezer for future use.

What Happens After Applying Colloidal Silver?

The colloidal silver acts as an ethylene antagonist or inhibitor on your cannabis plant. As mentioned earlier, this mixture forces your plants to develop male pollen sacs. The grower will then collect these pollen sacs and used to pollinate the female flowers in order to produce or develop feminized seeds.  Many cannabis growers prefer to cultivate feminize seeds. This is because the female seeds develop into female plants and female plants produce great products that are used for recreational or medical purposes.

The best way for you to ensure that you get feminized seeds is to buy from reputable and reliable online cannabis seeds banks. Buying from seed banks almost guarantee female seeds purchasing. But of course, you yourself can develop feminized seeds without having to think about getting male counterparts.

Pros and Cons of Colloidal Silver

One of the main advantages of spraying colloidal silver to your cannabis seeds is that the chances of getting feminized seeds are extremely high – almost a guarantee. And yes, you can use any two female cannabis plants of your favorite strain. Marijuana growers also do this in order to produce more consistent quality seeds. Controlling seed production and the making of countless of feminized seeds become a very easy task,

Let’s talk about the disadvantages. Perhaps the main problem of using colloidal silver is that you need to find a source of such a mixture. Either you look online to buy colloidal silver directly or you buy a colloidal silver generator and complete the process by yourself. Also, it’s worth mentioning that it can be quite unhealthy to directly consume or use marijuana plants that have come into contact with colloidal silver.

Useful Tips When Creating Marijuana Feminized Seeds

  1. It’s important that you always choose the best-looking female plant for the colloidal silver process since this ensures superior quality genetics.
  2. >Don’t forget to isolate the plant and separate the plant once you see the formation of sacs. It’s recommended that you transfer them to another room away from your flowering cannabis plants.
  3. Always do your research and when you encounter some problems, make sure that you write them down for future reference.
  4. Ask for tips and advice from the experts. There are many online communities or forums today where you can join and learn more about colloidal silver feminized seeds. You also might know someone who has completed this process before and so, doesn’t hesitate to ask for advice from these people.

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