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Everything You Should Know About Cannabis Feminized Hemp Seeds

everything you should know about cannabis feminized hemp seeds

We cannot deny that the Marijuana Industry is growing bigger and bigger every year. More and more people have switched to Cannabis, in search of a more effective and efficient way to treat their illnesses. Good thing, these herbs’ ability to heal our health problems are all backed by legitimate medical researches. As the discoveries unfold, the surge of Marijuana usage around the world became unprecedented and unstoppable, especially the Hemp Plants which are directly related to the Cannabis Strains.

With this trend of demand, Cannabis farmers and Seed Banks are finding ways to grow Marijuana Strains faster and with a greater number. This is how the Feminized Seeds are born.

The Historic Hemp Plants

One of the most abundant plants in the northern hemisphere during the earlier times, the Hemp Plants were primarily used for industrial and recreational purposes. This is due to the existence of fiber in each plant.

The Ancient Assyrians in the Middles East are also known for their way of using Cannabis for religious rituals and festivals. Aryans have inspired them to use the said plant and in return, the Assyrians introduced Hemp Plants to the Scythians, Thracians, and Dacians. The tradition of using this plant has been passed down from one generation to another until the modern Arabs finally conquered and dominated in the rich Fertile Crescent.

With the Americas, the Hemp Plants have been extensively used for Industrial Purposes because of the strong fibers that each plant has. The first US President George Washington has been reported to own vast lands converted into farms intended for Hemp planting only. The power of the Hemp plants during those days is undeniably important to the growth of the American nation as a rising country in the west during the end of the 16th century.

The Production of Hemp Plants, which was earlier stopped, began to bloom again in the midst of World War 1. Some states, like the Russian Empire, did not prohibit the production for the world. Instead, they grew larger until their empire gained the spot for the biggest Hemp Producer during the First World War. Russia has managed to keep its spot in leading the world as the biggest Hemp Producer while suppressing the Nazi Forces during World War 2 in the Eastern Front of their country.

The Feminized Present

Female domination is not only applicable to humans but with these plants as well. Genetically, feminized seeds are modified to produced female plants and capable of producing both male and female seeds. Hence, this seed reproduction pursues the female plant’s pollen to male plants.

Upon the invention of converting the regular male Cannabis Strains into female seeds in the 70s and 80s, the Hemp plants became one of the most used plants for clinical trials during the early stages of the research. As the invention became undeniably successful, the Cannabis Enthusiasts urged to apply feminizing Hemp plants to create more Hemp strains.

However, a looming problem pressures the Hemp Industry.

The male Hemp plants are known to produce Hemp Oils which acts as one of the pivotal agents in the entire Marijuana Industry. With the feminization, the male ones focus on producing seeds and not enriching its oil, devaluing the volume of oil that a single plant can produce every season.

Feminized Hemp plants differ with what the regular Hemp plants do, especially on the chemical concentration and obviously, the gender of the plant. The regular Hemp plants produce low THC concentration and high CBD content. As it goes feminized, a Hemp plant will shoot up its high THC content and suppresses the CBD volume.

Contrary to the misconception of all, the Hemp seeds are high-yielding plants which mean, they solidly react to what the farmers feed on them. Once a farmer decides to feminize a plant, the sprayed Hemp will quickly adapt and absorb the chemical you put on it, altering the efficacy and quality of the plant instantly.

The current standards in the excellence of Hemp Farms base on the actual number of plants per field and their maximum yield annually, plus the size of the land dedicated to Hemp farming. The gradual elimination of male Hemp plants may mean healthier spaces for the entire farm, but to be honest, the farmers prefer planting with a reasonable ratio between the male and female Hemp plants of 50:50, to keep its high CBD production and organic nature of these wonderful herbs. Meanwhile, the other farmers are mesmerized with this new genetic study to improve the Hemp Plants.

Apart from it, the Feminized Hemp seeds cost higher than the regular seeds. With the application of science on the seeds, the manufacturers have decided to simply add prices with the feminized seeds because this is the new trend and its demand is increasing. Due to the temporary prices of Feminized Hemp Seeds, other farmers prefer not to buy the seeds yet and choose cloning instead, to save time and money.

Little do they know that cloning a plant could mean higher expenses in the long run, than instantly buying the readily prepared feminized seeds.

Not only that, there have been reports in the web that there are companies who sell fake feminized seeds- either Pure Marijuana or the Hemp Plants while keeping the price high. Unfortunately, this scheme exists up to this very moment, that is why there are farmers who simply repel the idea of feminizing their seeds. Instead, they want to follow the natural way, to avoid higher expenses and more complicated situations among the Hemp plants, which may affect its current Hemp oil production.

The Future Lies on You

The farmers believe that there are so many improvements yet to do with the art of feminizing the Hemp seeds. The scientists and other Cannabis advocates push for feminizing, while some farmers disregard the idea and simply pop the huge bubble in front of them because of the possible damage that it may incur on the production of oil for the Hemp Industry.

On top of it, the price is also one of their considerations in buying the genuine feminized seeds. While most of the people are pleased and impressed with what Feminized Hemp Plants can do, there are farmers who simply prefer to reject the idea and not adapt to this technology at all.

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