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Everything You Need to Know About High Times Seeds

everything you need to know about high times seeds

On this article, you will get to explore the high times seeds that surely won’t waste your time and effort in creating a profitable yield. Your time and effort must be accompanied by searching for the highest characteristic of autoflowering marijuana plants. In addition, it doesn’t involve huge upfront costs and input as long as you have some basic DIY skills, patience, and enthusiasm to learn new things.

Why Growers and Breeders Call It High Times Seeds

Whether you will be using high times seeds which are light or dark in color needs a tough decision to make. As well as all the other characteristics that you have for your autoflowering marijuana plants that will make your yield for profitable yield from healthy and worth the shot growing procedure. Who won’t like growing plants with high quality and valuable cannabis seeds? But this is something that a person must be well aware of when it comes to having proper soil nutrients, light quality, and adequate watering to obtain final yield with the best results.

If it is called a High Times Seeds, this means that it is a healthy and profitable marijuana cannabis seeds. Healthy High Times Seeds also display a coating that is made of wax on the outer shell which will be very visible once they are exposed in bright light and witness a sheen effect once seen by the naked eye. This does mean that what you see is what you get when you decide to plant on your backyard or your farm. Jorge Cervantes>, one of the expert marijuana horticulturist, has stated that High Times Seeds is very sensitive to various problems as it matures. If you are aiming for maximum yield, you should know and understand that there is no room for mistakes.

Qualities of High Times Seeds that You Can Expect

Check out these qualities that you can expect for high times seeds.

Firm Texture

High Times seeds have been firmer than the other marijuana strains when you touch it since you are placing the seed between the thumb and your index finger while giving it a squeeze. It should be resilient to the pressure made by your fingers that will make you feel that it is really firm as soon as it does bend and break under the applied pressure which is more likely significant in planting process for your autoflowering marijuana plants strains.

Location for Conditional Growth

In special cases where they wanted their marijuana to grow outdoors, it is the high temperature which causes the loose buds. This is something that you should not do on High Times Seeds. In most part of the life cycle of auto-flowering seeds for sale, you will be encountering fewer problems since the temperature during the autumn is cooler. If they bloom earlier than usual, it may be because they are bred to do flowering early or they are just deprived of light. This is an issue that needs to be addressed.

The type of soil that the high times seeds prefer is also one of the first things you must consider when learning how to care for autoflowering feminized seeds for sale buds to avoid fluffy and airy buds. A gritty, sandy soil mixed with peat moss is best, and it should be placed in a pot that is well drained. If the pot is not well drained, the plant may begin to suffer from root rot. You will need to be fed during the growing season in spring and summer. Liquid plant food at half strength should be added to the soil every month. In the fall and winter, the plant does not need any fertilizer.

Pollination and Germination is More Manageable

When you deal with young and immature seeds just like the high time seeds is something green and always white in appearance. Thus, it is more unlikely that the seed germination process is something manageable with a much longer time to spend. If you obtain a fresher seed means an optimal age for your seed. When learning how to plant and use the autoflowering marijuana plants strains, it is important to know how to choose the right variety for medicinal and aesthetic purposes.

The germination method for high times seeds remains uneasy if not done in the right way. You will definitely want to pollinate your flowers in the fastest way possible. If you mess up the female plants being pollinated by an invading male flower. When they get their flowers pollinated, they might have stopped the production of THC resins to have their energy directed towards the production of seeds. Then, the seeds will now be added to the overall weight of the whole yield. Autoflowering marijuana plants strain that came from a good mode of pollination.

The Stem, Leaves, and Branches are More Sturdy

Remember that auto-flowering cannabis high times seeds do not need special lights on the vegetative stage is good for three to four weeks. Genetic tendencies of being hermaphroditic occur sometimes on strains of feminized cannabis plants, which is one of the two things that causes a cannabis plant to be hermaphroditic wherein the other one is environmental stress, and some of its strains only occur on extremely rare amounts. Rare amounts of genetically caused hermaphrodites are produced from seeds from a reputable breeder. The causes of your plants to become hermaphroditic are dependent on how many you planted on your garden.

Ultimately, the marijuana high times seeds which will not get enough lighting in the process of flowering will surely tend to grow more buds that display airy characteristics that neither firm nor adequately mature. These buds which appear to be lighter are often less profitable rather than those which are not since it shall produce more than enough trichomes. All growers must be aware that the lack of potassium will result in sparse flower yields. So what you have to watch out for is the increase in potassium during the middle and late stage of flowering. Avoiding nutrient deficiencies through marijuana booster products can help a lot.

Time of the Year for Better Cannabis Yield

Spring is the best time for repotting for your high times seeds as an autoflowering marijuana plants strains, as the plant is just starting a growth spurt. You can propagate the plant from its seeds and also from cuttings. For cuttings, use clean pruning shears and snip off a stem that has at least two leaf nodes. Dip the cut end in a hormone rooting mix and then plant the stem in a regular potting mix. It will take about four weeks for the stem to develop roots. During this time, the potting soil should be kept moist and the plant should even be misted occasionally.

The leaf structure of autoflowering marijuana plants strains must be segmented when it comes to its veins.  A special substance called chlorophyll makes the plants automatic feminized seeds appear green to our eyes. Most plants have this, even some that don’t seem to be green. That’s because chlorophyll is one of the most efficient energy producers in the world. These are the perfect leaves which are the ones you might find in your favorite spice mix and contain the greatest benefits for your health. Leaves not of the authentic variety usually look and smell similar, but are not nearly as nutritious and useful.

They Need More Bloom Boosters or Fertilizers

Slow-release bloom boosters or fertilizers are the ones that are needed by your high times seeds for your cannabis plants or simply called as fertilizers are often organic. Organic fertilizers require microbes to break down the organic material. These use water-insoluble nitrogen. The nitrogen takes longer to be released where the plants can access them. Organic, slow-release fertilizers require warm soil and are less effective in cooler months.

Some fertilizers utilize quick-release nitrogen that makes nutrients ready for a plant’s immediate consumption. This is usually water-soluble nitrogen that plants access when it is dissolved in water. Quick-release nitrogen fertilizers can trigger fast growth. However, quick-release nitrogen fertilizers only last a few weeks at most, and they risk burning your lawn if over-applied. The alternative is slow-release nitrogen fertilizer. Slow-release fertilizers do not burn plants, and their help in growth is uniform. Once applied, they can last up to two months longer than quick-release options, meaning they do not need to be applied as often.

They have Larger Flower Bud Size

The High Times Seeds actually has a larger bud size than any other marijuana strains. When spring comes around, individuals in countless different locations will begin preparing their yards and gardens for auto-flowering pot seeds to yield bigger buds. Some more eager gardeners will even commence the prep-work for their gardens long before the ground is void of frost. Though building a flower bed for your auto flowering pot seeds can be an involved process, the beauty of the yard or home feature is well worth the work and maintenance. The first few weeks of having a flower bed can require a considerable amount of work, but the maintenance requirements can drop exponentially if the initial setup of the flower bed is completed properly.

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