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Mother Cannabis Plants and Clones

The mother cannabis plant is the queen plant that provides cuttings or clones to create more plants. Therefore, all clone plants can trace their origin in one seed plant. Selecting a mother cannabis plant is crucial to the future of your entire grow operation.

Choosing a mother plant

Cannabis is technically cultivated for its CBD, THC and their cannabinoids and terpenes. All these qualities are tested to be able to find the best female plant. It takes a laboratory to be able to quantify all these factors however, not all growers and breeders have access to a state of the art THC and CBD lab equipment. Most growers therefore rely on their expertise and common sense in choosing the mother cannabis.

Identifying the best female plant might be the toughest decision that most breeders and growers need to take to ensure a bright future for their operation. If you want to become a smart grower and breeder, check for the following when choosing the ideal female.

  • Check for any discoloration or distorted growth.

Your main female should not have any discoloration on its leaves and stems and it should have at least one new leaf every day as a sign that the plant is growing healthy.  If these are present, wait for at least a week if there are any changes to the plant’s appearance after making necessary adjustments.

  • Check for any pests.

The queen plant should have no insects or pests and should have healthy leaves and stems. Use a magnifying glass to check the underside of the leaves. Look for moving black, red or translucent bugs which could be spider mites. Take note that spider mite infestation could cost your entire grow operation because of these pests’ voracious appetite. You don’t want to clone a female that is struggling due to an infestation.

  • Check for molds

Look for any light and powdery mildew found along the leaves, stems and branches. This is mildew or mold which could cause terrible damage to your plants if you don’t treat our plant right away. Take note that you have to treat for mildew and mold before you proceed with making cuttings.

  • Check for new leaves

New leaves are a sign of good growth. You want your mother plant to be healthy, highly-adaptable to stress and should not be dehydrated and have issues with pH. Your mother plant should have at least one new leaf per day.

Once you have chosen a mother cannabis plant, it’s time to make cuttings. The key is to move quickly so you don’t stress your mother plant and the clones. Have everything you need nearby like a cutting board, a sharp and sterile blade, scissors, root stimulators or cloning gel, a spray bottle, a water spray bottle and propagation trays.

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