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Edibles VS Smoking Weed: A Comparison

The legalization of cannabis has paved a way to the public in having access to marijuana which can be used for medical or recreational use. In states and countries where cannabis is legal, cannabis can be used by smoking or by any other forms like infusing it in food and drinks, edibles, oil, and tinctures.

At a glance, cannabis consumption may seem like a one-size-fits-all scenario but the truth is it is not. There is a big difference between taking weed as edibles vs smoking. It is interesting to know that how we ingest cannabis will have different effects on the body.

Imagine this, you have a favorite strain and you try to have tried taking it in different ways and methods, you may have noticed that it may have a different impact on your body. It may be strong, quiet weak, more flavorful, or something like that. 

The method of ingesting the weed will have some difference in how it affects the body. There are many ways of ingesting cannabis but smoking and edibles are the most popular among others. In this article, we will know the pros and cons of edibles vs smoking. Knowing these facts will be able to help you choose among these methods that would fit your lifestyle.

In this article, we will breakdown the major difference between edibles and smoking.

Edibles VS Smoking : 

  1. Potency – If you are after the high that you will get in ingesting cannabis. If you are after the high, then there is no doubt that edibles are what you need. Edibles are known for being the most powerful method in ingesting marijuana. It also allows you to take more dosage. In edibles, cannabis compounds also interact with other chemicals in food or drinks which makes it extra potent. Ingesting cannabis allows the THC, the one responsible for the high, to convert itself into 11 hydroxy THC which is a much stronger version of THC.
  2. Control – As a responsible smoker, you need to know how to have control over your high. Edibles take longer to effect in the body and it can be overwhelming sometimes. On the other hand, in smoking, you can control your hits and can stop I you think you have too much of the high. It gives you more control over your intake. You can stop smoking if you feel like the sensation is too much. You can just stop.
  3. Risk of health – Edibles are much healthier than smoking. It is a given fact that smoking is dangerous for your health. It affects the lungs and other parts of the body like the heart. If you choose between smoking and taking edibles, the risk of health should not be taken for granted. Though it is not the weed that is bad for health, it is the scenario that makes it unhealthy. Like smoking, in general, is dangerous to your health. Edibles are not at all harmful given the right dosage. They can be cannabis-infused food or drinks or pills that are being administered to patients.
  4. Health Benefits – Is it a healthy way of ingesting weed? Will it provide your body with healthy options? As mentioned, smoking is not good for one’s health so vaping is a less harmful option. But the use of edibles has been used in the medical field as a very safe option. It can be used in the different medication process.
  5. Flavor – Smoking will no doubt let you enjoy the taste of the weed. It will burst into your mouth with delectable flavors and will let you enjoy the scent and aroma. On the other hand, edibles may not be as flavorful but it comes in many forms that provide its flavors, like candy, gummies, and oil. Strains also come in many flavors so you have a wide array of varieties from sweet fruits to hash strong flavors.
  6. Aroma – there are so many strains out there and they come in different flavors and they have different scents as well. There’s a lot to choose from. Smoking cannabis can bring about the scent or aroma of the strain. This is why others prefer smoking. They want not just the high but also the flavor and the smell.
  7. Expenses – Smoking cannabis requires lesser cost and procedure compared to processing edibles. In smoking cannabis, you need to have cannabis of your choice, piece of paper, or a pipe. Making edibles may be tedious or may require a lot of work. Smoking may be a little bit cheaper compared to edibles though edibles are widely sold in the cannabis market or stores.
  8. Availability – Though edibles are being sold in cannabis stores in states or countries where the use of cannabis is legalized, still most of them will require users to make their concoctions for them to deliver the right kind of potency. Some regulations should be followed in smoking cannabis. The availability of cannabis either edible for smoking depends on the regulation of your area.
  9. Process – A person must make some effort in ingesting the weed either smoking or ingesting it an edible. If you intend to get high by ingesting cannabis via edible, then you must go through a long process of decarboxylation. Edibles require more effort while smoking is much simpler.

Cannabis consumers and enthusiasts in their never-ending quest in discovering and exploring the benefits that marijuana can offer, they have come up with different ways on how to consume the weed. The cannabis industry is booming. It is at its peak and becoming exciting.

Edibles or smoking weed? It’s all up to you. It depends on your preference. It depends on how you like it. It depends on the availability and the culture that you are in. if you consider the tips that we have on our list will help you decide on which option is best for you. The cannabis industry is ever-changing. Discoveries, new possibilities. There is so much to look forward to. So choose what you think is best for you and something that would fit your lifestyle.

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