Eating Cannabis VS Smoking Cannabis

bong smoking marijuana

Ingesting and inhaling are just two of the most common ways to consume cannabis. However, there are claims that smoking is not healthy and good to the user’s health leading some people to choose edibles rather than smoking to consume cannabis. According to the studies made by the experts, eating is more beneficial than smoking cannabis. To clearly understand this thought, take a look at the following basis:
1)    Eating cannabis is more effective in acquiring its health benefits rather than smoking it.
The best way to effectively absorb its chemical content is to make an oil out of it or simply ingest it.
2)    According to the studies, those who smoke marijuana heavily are more likely to produce Dopamine levels in human brain.
3)    There is a high tendency that your brain will experience changes when you smoke weeds
Long term smoking of weeds specifically up to four years may cause some anatomical changes in the smoker’s brain. This may be a positive/negative thing.
4)    Smoking weeds will harm the lungs
This is a common drawback of smoking marijuana. Everyone knew the fact that smoking whatever substance, either marijuana or tobacco will possibly harm your lungs. Another negative fact in smoking is the presence of carcinogen and other toxins you can acquire from your weeds when there is a release of combustion that will happen.

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