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Early Misty – The Earliest Known Cannabis Strain

early misty the earliest known cannabis strain

Did you know that the early misty feminized seeds are comparable to White Widow? The early Misty usually grows earlier than White Widow due to the crossing of the Misty with the Early Skunk. It is ideal if you are living in a country or a cold place. You can easily grow it as well in your balcony since it can cultivate in a limited place. This amazing plant will grow without any hassles at all especially if a cold country.

History of Early Misty Feminized Seeds

Before you start growing cannabis strain, it is important that you know where a certain plant originated. This will help you grow them right such as the Early Misty.

The first cannabis strain came from the country of Afghanistan. In fact, this country is considered as one of the cradles of cannabis. According to the UNODC, this country has become the world’s largest producer of this resin concentrate. They have surpassed the country of Morocco.

Aside from its medicinal properties, it gives growers nutritional seeds to eat and even use it in making durable ropes. The empire of China was using this plant to help emperors resolve their illnesses. In fact, even as nowadays, you will still find Chinese people growing hemp to help them deal with their aches and pains.

You will be able to find cannabis strains in India and has been used for many years and have used it to aid their spiritual needs.

It was used in the Roman empire as well that helped them make powerful hemp sails and ropes. The British, as well as the Spanish, have also used it as their hemp riggings. George Washington also grew the cannabis strain himself.

As the years passed by, growers and even those who are very much into cannabis have found other usage of this plant. Mexico has been one of the most powerful cultivators of such strain and it started during the 1900s. Its popularity wafted in the United states as well.

Where Did Cannabis Strain Originates?

For many years, mankind and cannabis have a special relationship. Though there is scientific proof of such connection, there is still no info as to the exact time and day when it all started.

Here Are the Three Possible Places Where Cannabis Strain Originated


Did you know that archeologists have found old papers and fibers in this country way back on the 19th century? The fibers they have found are actually cannabis fibers. They have also found the oldest kind of hemp in this country. It has been found that Chinese ancestors have been using cannabis strains and fibers as their medicine. 

Central Asia

According to the researchers, the Takla Makan desert has been the proposed place where the cannabis strain has originated. From there it easily spread out to three locations such as in East towards China, South to India and West towards Europe.

South Asia

Archeologists have found different varieties as well as uses of cannabis strains in the foothills of the Himalayas and the Hindu Kush mountains. Linnaeus even stated that the Cannabis Sativa would come from India.

Though the exact details and info about the cannabis strain are still unclear, the only fact that most scientists believed that it came from Asia.

When Did Cannabis Strain Start?

Researchers have found the use of cannabis strain in China during the period between 6,000-8,000 BC. The first man controlled grown location was around 10,000-12. 000BC. It was around the 6000 years BC when evidence was found that cannabis strain, seeds, and oils were used as food. The fiber of the cannabis plant was also used to make textiles in the year 4000AC.

The cannabis strain has been since used not only as food but most of all as medicine for various kind of ailments. There also have been evidence that the emperors of the China have long been using it to help remedy their illnesses.

The Benefits of Cannabis Strain

Since cannabis strains have been used for many years as one’s therapeutic remedy, our generation has been discovering new ways from this plant that could help people who have chronic illnesses and even those with terminal diseases. This plant has been used in many parts of the world as medicine and supplement as well. These days, Canada is one of the many countries who are doing deep and wide research about the possibilities of using cannabis strain as medicine.

As in today’s latest medicine world, this plant has been giving a lot of chance and remedy to people who are dealing different kinds of illnesses like anti-spasm for multiple sclerosis, anti-convulsive for epilepsy, and it can even help people gain weight and simulate their appetite again such as those with anorexia nervosa. Studies have also shown how effective cannabis strains are when it comes to pain management especially for those who have cancer.

Although cannabis can affect mental health, some people actually gain amazing benefits that help them manage their mental issues. It helps them relieve the signs and symptoms of the mental issue they are dealing with. In fact, it can also give them support so as to stop and even prevent sudden attacks and triggers.

The amount of cannabis strain allowed will depend on the patient’s needs, age, and weight. Studies have shown that young people who are suffering from mental issues like depression, insomnia and anxiety find relief as soon as they have taken the prescribed amount of cannabis. They were able now to socialize and be with their family and friends without the fear of having those sudden attacks and triggers.

Conclusion for Early Misty Feminized Seeds

The place and time about the origination of Early Misty feminized seeds may still be in a research track but the facts about this seed are very much beneficial. Learning where and when it first came or have been used is very much essential as it will help you understand more about its history.

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