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Early Girl Cannabis Seed – Best for Non-Commercial Grower

There are many kinds of feminized seeds today which you can choose from if you wish to be a grower. One of the best seeds today is the early girl seeds feminized. This kind of seed has amazing benefits especially for those who wish to get complete relaxation. You will be able to find tons of breeders and growers of such seeds online. Read on and we will share with you some amazing details about it.

Description of Early Girl Seeds Feminized

This amazing seed is considered as a mild strain and it has a 20% THC content. As such, it can be quite strong, but even so, you will not feel that overwhelm. Instead, most users tend to get the sensation of euphoria and complete relaxation. Unlike other cannabis seeds wherein you will feel super-charged, the Early Girl strain you will make you feel more relax and calm.

You will feel the effects of the Indica-dominant starts to kick in after a few seconds. It will give you a sensation of a warm and relaxing feeling to the body and it will also produce cerebral effects. As a result, most users feel easy without the feeling of lethargy and laziness. In other words, Early Girl will not make you a couch-lock.

But just like any cannabis strains, it is important that you limit your intake. For instance, if you will use a large amount of this strain then expect to be a couch-lock.


Early Girl is known for its pungent scent with a bit of sweetness and highlighted by the sour citrusy lemon smell. It is considered to be one of the best smelling strains which make it preferred by most users, breeders, and growers.


Did you know that everything about this strain is feminine? Early Girl will not only give you a sweet and appealing smell but you will also love its taste. It has a sweet, tangy taste of lemon with a hint of the earth as well as pine that makes it a delicious treat.

Flowering Time


Did you know that with this strain, you can expect the flowering stage to start as early as six weeks? Growers and breeders can expect to gather a yield for up to 14 to 18 ounces of buds.


The most common month wherein this strain will start its flowering stage in September. Growers and breeders are always happy and grateful for this feminized strain since it could give them for up to 20 ounces of buds.

Medicinal Benefits of Early Girl Strain

There are many benefits which most patients with mental issues could obtain from this strain. Patients who are dealing with mental issues such as stress, depression, and even anxiety and panic attacks. Upon taking this strain, they start to feel more relax and at ease. It even helps them stay focus.

Patients who are dealing with pain and aches such as back pain could find amazing benefits from this strain. It helps relax their muscles thus making them feel less in pain. Most patients find the relief they need from this strain as compared to the medications they are taking. But this should not be taken in large amounts since it could make you feel super sleepy and could turn you into a couch-lock.

If you are dealing with such kinds of mental issues or even those kinds of aches then this strain could help you. But it is important that you always seek medical advice first to be sure that you will be a good candidate to use such kind of relief. Your doctor will also be the one to give you the right dosage.

Buying Early Girl Seeds Online


The first thing you need to consider is your budget. Bear in mind that feminized seeds are pricey as compared to other cannabis seeds. If you plan to be a grower or breeder of such seeds then make sure that you have the right budget to help you start right. You will need extra cash to be able to obtain the right kind of feminized seeds online.

Online growers

The next thing you need to do is to search for a reliable feminized seed grower or breeder. These professionals will help you choose the right femininized seeds that will match your needs and skills. They are also the ones that could give you tips and advice that would help you grow those seeds right. However, since you will find tons of them online, it is important that you check out their background first.

Make sure that you check their products first and how they handle their clients. Bear in mind that this kind of feminized seeds are pricey so it will give you a lot of advantages to obtain them from trustworthy online growers and breeders.


Are you going to use it for entertainment? Are you suffering from a mental issue or physical pain? It is important that you determine your purpose first before you make any purchase. This will also help you get the best deal online. Now, if you wish to grow and breed then see to it that you get the right kind of feminized seeds from a reliable source. This is one of the most expensive feminized seeds so see to it that you get the right one.

User experience

Another great way to help you get the right kind of early girl seed is to read reviews and feedback from real customers and breeders. Through their testimonials, you will be able to determine which site and grower to trust.


It is important that you consider the details we have shared with you today as regards to Early Girl Seeds Feminized. Patients who are dealing with pain and aches such as back pain could find amazing benefits from this strain. However, make sure that you find the right grower and breeder of such seed to fully obtain its goodness. With this, soon you will be able to grow your cannabis strain.

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