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Dutch Treat as Medical Strain – All You Need to Know

dutch treat as medical strain all you need to know

Dutch Treat strain has become very popular these days. Aside from being consumed by vast numbers of recreational users, it’s also consumed by medical patients. This strain offers many great medicinal properties, which is why many growers all over the world are cultivating Dutch Treat feminized seeds. And if you’re looking for more information about this remarkable strain, then this article is definitely for you.

It’s considered as one of the most essential strains in Amsterdam. You can see a lot of people in cafes and coffee shops who are consuming this strain. It’s a dense bud that has a very strong sweet fruity smell. There’s also a hint of pine and eucalyptus trees. Truly, it’s a delectable herb that offers a unique and special flavor that you won’t experience in any other strain.

Also known as the Dutch Crunch, this strain is an indica-heavy hybrid that was cultivated, bred, and developed originally in the Pacific Northwest. It’s known for its sticky buds and great uplifting effects. Consumers of this strain will experience sweet euphoria, which is why it’s given to patients who are suffering from stress and depression.

Dutch Treat Composition

It has minimal CBD levels of around 1% and THC levels of 15% to 35%. It’s definitely a potent strain that offers many physical, health, and mental benefits alongside its strong psychoactive effects. It’s best used during the night and during introspection. The strain can effectively boost one’s creativity. Aside from enjoying a more relaxed state of mind, it can also help you conceive artistic ideas – this is why many artists are using this strain. 

Dutch Treat is an outstanding medical strain that it has earned 3rd Best sativa in Southern California Cannabis Cup 2012. There’s not much clear information regarding the origin of Dutch Treat. But a lot of experts and sources say that this strain came from the Jordan Islands and was bred and developed from Vancouver. Jordan Islands is known for its many staple strains and trustworthy breeders who are always discovering new strains.

Although Dutch Treat has no clear genetics and history, it’s clear that it’s one of the most pleasant and groundbreaking breeds of all time. Despite the fact that it is indica-dominant, this strain looks more like a sativa. Rather than round leaves, it has a conical shape and they are softer. You’ll immediately notice the dark green with yellow and golden pistils underneath the dense coating of trichomes.

Dutch Treat Experience

For marijuana consumers who are looking for a strain that can hit them quick and fast, then the Dutch Treat is highly recommended. It provides great emotional uplifts rather than mental or cerebral stimulation. Users reported that they became more sociable and more talkative after taking this strain. Once the head high gives away, expect to experience a soothing physical relaxation.

You have to be very careful though when taking this strain since it can cause laziness, sleepiness, dryness of mouth and eyes, and even mild headache. And with higher doses, expect an intractable couchlock. In order to combat persistent dry mouth, you have to make sure you drink lots of water.

Dutch Treat as a Medical Strain

Dutch Treat is known for its medicinal properties. A lot of doctors, institutions, and medical practitioners are prescribing this strain to their patients. It’s a remarkable strain that can provide effective relief from headache, nausea, chronic pain, and even loss of appetite. You’ll also notice that people who are suffering from PTSD, Bipolar Disorder, and anxiety are using this strain.

The strain has received many positive reviews from its users. You’ll also read countless testimonials and feedback written by patients who have tried this strain before. It’s great for making you feel physically and mentally healthy. It’s a great strain that can easily get rid of any emotional and mental stress and tension.

Growing Dutch Treat Feminized Seeds

The good news is, Dutch Treat is very easy to grow. Yes, it’s comparatively easy to cultivate that even beginners can plant them. Just make sure that you provide the plants the right temperature, humidity, air, nutrients, water, and growing medium. You also have to make sure that you buy feminized seeds only from reliable and reputable cannabis seed bank or marijuana dispensaries.

The plant itself can grow less than 30 inches and can give growers a yield of about 3 to 6 oz./ft squared. The flowering period of this strain is about 7 to 9 weeks and can stretch up to 200%. Be sure that you set watering schedules in order to avoid overwatering and underwatering of the plants. It’s also advisable that you do some light adjustments from time to time to ensure a healthy and successful harvest.

Temperature, humidity, and air quality control should also be done. Of course, you should also make sure that you do some soil examination before you start planting them. Learning how to prune and studying proper pest control is also crucial.

If this is your first time growing cannabis plants, then it’s advisable that you do some little research on the Internet first. Make sure that you know what you’re doing and that you gather all the materials you need before venturing out. Fortunately, there is much information that you can find on the Internet today that can give you great ideas and information on how to properly take care of Dutch Treat.

Additional Tips

Asking for tips and advice from your friends, families, colleagues, or those you personally know who have tried cultivating Dutch Treat feminized seeds before is also a brilliant idea. Try to join online forums or communities if you want to know more about this strain.

When buying Dutch Treat seeds, always double check the reputation, background history, and the experience of the cannabis seed bank or marijuana shop. Reading reviews is wise and make sure that you check out what their customers are saying about their products. You want to avoid buying feminized cannabis seeds from stores or shops that have received too many complaints and negative feedback from their customers. And finally, be sure that you’re having fun while cultivating this miraculous medical strain.

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