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Difficulties in Growing Certain Marijuana Strains

difficulty growing cannabis strains

There are easy to grow marijuana strains and difficulty growing cannabis strains but overall, if you closely follow grow tips and techniques, it won’t be that difficult to grow cannabis.

You will even get a decent yield when you grow the following easy marijuana strains. All these starter strains are available online today. You will also find tons of growing information online for each strain to help you master your growing skills.

Blue Dream – This fruity flavor and smelling strain is mostly sativa dominant and requires a little bit of skill to grow. Typical of many sativa strains, Blue Dream provides an uplifting experience. It takes a little longer to grow than most strains (about 9-11 weeks) but the wait will be worth it.

Girl Scout Cookies (GSC) This indica dominant strain is very high in THC and flowers in about 7-9 weeks but takes some skill to grow. In both flavor and smell, its reminiscent of its name. Its a great strain to practice growing more graduating to more difficult strains. Girl Scout Cookies make a fun but challenging plant to grow.

Master Kush – Master Kush is a strain that derives from old “land race” genetics like Hindu Kush. Its makes for an easy to grow indica strain with a classic Kush high. It flowers in roughly 8 weeks producing big buds.

Auto Lemon OG Haze – this is an easy to grow autoflowering strain that is the result of 5 generations of careful breeding. Created by Nirvana, this strain is easy to grow and produces large buds in just two months from seed to harvest time. Auto Lemon OG Haze has chunky buds that are usually covered in trichomes during harvest time. It also has a fruity and citrusy scent.

Bubble Gum – Bubblegum strain is easy to grow and the the Bubblegum cannabis seeds by Sunwest Genetics are even easier because its and auto flower strain. This strain gets its name from the sweet aroma and taste that it has which is similar to classic bubble gum.

Jack Herer – If there is one legendary cannabis strain that stand out, its Jack Herer. It was named after a long time cannabis activist and has a near perfect balance of 50% Indica/Sativa. Its also very easy to grow.

Psychedelic – this is another autoflowering strain developed by Dinafem. This strain has the most potent and strongest effect thanks to its large, spear-shaped buds with a strong “diesel” smell. Psychedelic will give you a large yield and it will take only three months to be ready for harvest time.

Kali Mist – Even though it commonly refereed to as the “Queen of Cannabis” its actually a sativa strain (not and indica). This particular strain would be best grown by someone who has grown cannabis before as it takes a little more work. Kali Mist has become very popular due to it being a daytime strain to get things done and still be functional.

Northern Lights – this is a potent strain that is also easy to grow and hardy indoors and outdoors. It has a low odor so you won’t have problems hiding your plants. It stays short and is resistant to any kind of stress. You will get great a good yield with Northern Lights and is also quick to harvest.

Purple Kush – Purple Kush is a little bit more difficult to grow compared to the easy ones. They auto flower in 7-9 weeks buts it best if grown by someone who has experience with growing cannabis plants. Purple Kush is a very rewarding strain if successfully grown properly.

Chemdog – Usually spelled ‘Chemdawg’, this is an indica dominant strain. Chemdog is another strain that requires a little more experience to grow than the easy strains. For more experienced growers who breed new strains, Chemdog has been used to make epic strains like OG Kush.

Papaya – this is a strain that is easy to grow and will be ready for harvest in just 8 weeks. It can do well in any stressful condition and will bounce back even when there is too much light, too much water or any nutrient problem as long as you treat it fast. The Papaya is resistant to stress as well as environmental changes.

CheeseCheese cannabis seeds are easy to grow and flower in about 8-9 weeks. The cheese strain by Sunwest Genetics is much easier to grow since it has ruderalis genetics which means that it is an auto flower strain.

These are the main things to remember when growing all marijuana strains:

  • Don’t over water or under water (you can drown your plant or dry it out)
  • Only use proper amounts of nutrients and research the proper times when to feed cannabis plants
  • Use just enough light in the beginning stages and only graduate to larger 1000 Watt lights when the plant has gotten bigger
  • Using proper soil like ProMix so that the plants get proper nutrients and great soil to grow in.
  • Making sure that the plants stay on a light schedule that doesn’t change. If they experience stress, this can cause numerous problem while growing cannabis. A regular light schedule, moderate watering and monitoring all growing aspects will help you grow better plants.


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