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Different Types of Rolling Papers for Cannabis

Using rolling papers for cannabis seems like it makes much variance regarding how you can enjoy every smoking session—having rolling papers for cannabis place a significant role in smoking cannabis. Like for example, you use a low-grade rolling paper. It may possibly cause the distressing flavor of your weed that may lead to coughing. Other papers can quickly bum, making you lose more weed rather than smoking it for quite more time. There are different types of rolling papers for cannabis. Using best rolling papers are usually easy to roll and convenient to use.

Experienced users are usually focused on the best herb they are going to smoke about the brand and equipment and Rolling papers used for joints. Using a good rolling paper can enhance not only the quality of your cannabis joint but also the overall smoking sessions. You could not replace the skill needed for a perfect rolled joint even if you used fine paper. Every rolling paper has its own unique features that entice different levels of cannabis smokers. Even the thickness, taste and the speed of burning out the paper are a different feature that depends on the user’s personal taste. 

Types of Rolling Papers for Cannabis

The following are the different types of rolling papers for cannabis with their own character and the materials used to do it.

Ultra-thin Rolling Papers 

Ultra-thin Rolling Papers are made from various materials and all of the materials that users have the same objective; it can minimize the amount of the paper when smoking with it. This type of rolling paper is ideal for an expert cannabis user. It works to regulate burns for cleaner hits making the user less cough and even produce less amount of ashes. 

Compare to the usual paper, ultra-thin rolling papers can be harder to handle as it is more chance of tearing, but with enough practice, you can easily roll joints when you smoke that seems like you are not using paper at all.

Rice Rolling Papers 

The ideal rice rolling papers are the ones that made from all-natural additives. As the name indicates, such ingredients either are processed or pressed rice. Rice rolling papers is quite thinner compare to another type of rolling papers. This type of paper is good for the lings, but you need to exert more effort when you are rolling your cannabis. 

Rice rolling paper is a smooth, kind paper that you cannot hold well in your fingers as it quite risky in slight conditions even in the damp air. This means that when it is raining outside, do not even try to smoke with this kind of paper. 

The rolling rice paper is more delicate and thin, but the best part smoking with it is the paper burns slowly, unlike other rolling papers. The materials used for making a smooth sheet are a good choice for your health. You can also enjoy the flavor of your weed with this rolling paper as it does not produce external aftertaste. 

Another type of rolling paper that you can also consider this type of rolling paper is made from pure flax that has an analog feature. Many cannabis users prefer to choose rolling rice papers. It is because the paper itself cannot outstrip the burn of the weed and gives a clean flavor that makes your cannabis taste even better. It is ideal for the medium experience of cannabis consumers.

Natural Hemp Rolling Papers for Cannabis 

This kind of rolling paper is instantly appreciated by most cannabis consumers. It is not about the great characteristics that they loved, but also this kind of paper can help to save trees since it was made from hemp fiber. This rolling paper comes in light brown color because other consumers do not usually value the bleaching procedure. 

Natural hemp paper is quite thicker and rougher compared to the rolling rice paper, so giving a nice hold when rolling is a must. This kind of rolling paper comes with a medium burning rate and can less go out compare to rice papers. It can also absorb humidity and cannot spoil the fragrance of the burning weed and does not give delicate aftertaste. Since it is sturdy and easy to roll paper, it is perfect to use for beginner consumers.

Typical Wood Pulp Rolling Paper 

This kind of rolling paper is the most popular paper for more than a century. It comes with a thicker texture that makes it easy to hold. This kind of rolling paper is available in two different thicknesses, which are the bleach and unbleached. The bleached type comes with a white wood pulp paper, while the brown pulp paper is the unbleached one. The typical wood pulp is a solid kind of paper that makes it easy to hold and very convenient, even for beginner consumers. Similar to Natural Hemp, this paper also offers a medium burning rate.

White or Brown Rolling Paper 

The White Rolling papers commonly consist of chemical materials such as calcium carbonate that helps to slow down the burning of the paper. The colored and flavored rolling papers also contain natural substances that are not ideal to inhale fully. These modern days, a lot of rolling papers have and added chemical treatments to improve combusting. It can also lessen possible harmful effects after having a smoke.

Other Kinds of Rolling Papers 

Other usual rolling papers come with different tastes and colors. There is also a transparent rolling paper that is made from cellulose. You can also try some novelty rolling papers. You can use this paper to learn how to roll cannabis in it. You can try purchasing thin rolling paper to lessen the number of risky substances that you can possibly inhale, and this can also prevent to damage the flavor of the good cannabis that you are smoking.


There are different types of rolling papers for cannabis. But once you decide the right paper that meets your smoking needs, you’ll have a better rolling cannabis experience. Whether what materials used to do the rolling paper, the individual taste and smoking behavior still depend on the consumer. Try to experiment with those rolling papers, then observed what type can suit your smoking needs. You can also try smoking with your trusted friends and learn other procedures behind perfect inhaling. You cannot just enjoy smoking with them but also has the possibility to learn more rolling techniques.

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