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Learn More about Different Marijuana Strains

learn more about different marijuana strain

You may have heard a lot of times about the Indica, Sativa, and Hybrid Plants, as well as the Auto-flowering and Feminized Marijuana Plants. However, you might be confused about the deeper family members of these plants, considering that the plants grow larger year after year.

Good thing, you are not alone with this problem. But to end these usual confusions, let’s take a better look with the strains.

The Marijuana Strains

A strain directly tells more about a single plant which exists in a certain time, tagging the said plant with a unique name for the people to remember.

Consider a newborn baby with complete no identification at all-no remarkable psychological features, no ability aside from crying and moving gently at all, and no significant contribution in this world yet. Because of this, one of the most important things to do is to give a baby its name. From its name, every moment, achievements, failures, good and ugly happenings will be forever associated with the baby and its name.

To name someone is as important as setting its personality for forever. The same applies to the Marijuana Strains of similar features yet different abilities. One must be uniquely named to be remembered by the public immediately.

It takes time to name a person because of many ideas that pop out in our minds, and this is also the same as the Marijuana Strains today.

Why Name the Strains?

Throughout the times, Cannabis users are eager to discover the powerful benefits of Marijuana plants by mixing their strains to produce new hybrid plants. The early hybrid plants were products of Cannabis Indica and Cannabis Sativa strains.

In the 60s, people crafted new breeds of Marijuana strains because of their passion to search for products with better effects. Apart from that, people are eager to reproduce many variants of Cannabis- attracting more people to try to use their products for the long-term.

Some of the hybrid strains became illegal due to their sources, THC or CBD content and the other chemicals embedded within them. With this existing problem, the growers used a way in which separation of plants may apply according to their legal status and chemical contents- this is simply by naming them.

In Canada, some of its local users name their seeds according to their preferred choices. One can name the owned seeds after a favorite car, hobby, color or place.

Weed Seeds in Canada were continuously growing, changing and innovating. Little do we know, that time to time, Canadians produce new hybrids that are ready for the Global Market.

As time passes by, old strains die and new hybrid strains enter the competition. Plants are now categorized with different names. This happened so that the users will not experience confusion in buying their preferred strains due to the unique names that their items contain.

Factors to consider in Naming the Strain

Throughout the years, growers and traders name their hybrid seeds according to the following factors:

Place of Origin

People in the 60s generally used this format of naming their plants, giving them the distinction and unique classification in the world. Plants such as Acapulco Gold, Panama Red, Afghan Kush, and Colombia Gold.


Some growers and connoisseurs named their hybrids upon the physical looks of their hybrids. They have relied on the color, texture and even smell of the new strain.

Plants such as the White Widow (color), Moby Dick (yield size), Pink Death Star (color), Pineapple Chunk (fruit-like) and Grape Ape (smells like Grapes) got their names from their appearance and traits.

Celebrities and Personalities

Some growers got their strain names from renowned personalities around the globe. These people might have gained inspiration from these popular icons and successfully produced the hybrids.

Samples of these strains are Khalifa Kush (Wiz Khalifa), Jack Herer, Jean Guy (both are notable North American Cannabis Activist), Master Yoda (Star Wars Character) and Willy’s Wonder (Chocolate Factory Character).


People from 90s to the present have given names to their strains, in connection to their effects after use. Their names depend on the variation of their effect.

Plants such as Blue Dream (dreamy mental state), Afgooey (drives into the gooey messes), AK-47 (strong effects), Amnesia (forgets sadness) and Trainwreck (hits like a freight train), got their names from this category.


Like us humans, some plants derived their name from their parents or ancestors where they came from. Growers did this to remind the people where the hybrid strains came and to give them hints on how these plants affect their systems.

Samples of these are Berry White (Blueberry and White Widow mix), Sour Tangie (Sour Diesel and Tangie mix), 3 Kings (Mix of 3 leading strains in the US- Sour Diesel, OG Kush, and Headband), Banana OG (OG Kush and Banana mix) and Chocolope (Chocolate Thai and Cannalope Haze mix).

Remembering the Strains with their Effects

For a more active day

Because you lack awareness with what strain have you taken earlier, you might be surprised to feel some kicks of happiness, explosions of creative thoughts and euphoria, and even began talking eloquently with the other random people. These strains are high with the THC content and encourage its users to be more active every day, rather than choosing to stay in their bed, crying all day long, or isolating themselves from the rest of this world.

Samples of these strains are the Sour Diesel, Jack the Ripper, Alaskan Thunder Fuck, Candyland, and the East Coast Sour Diesel.

For a relaxed mental condition

There are strains which are good for relaxation and meditation. Often, these strains are being purchased by the people who can’t even afford to apply for some vacation leaves due to the rigid schedule of their work. These people may have depended on the strains that can make its users pause for a while, cool down, observe the surroundings, and check if do they go on the right track of their lives, working 24/7, with calamities or none.

Some of these strains are the Bubba Kush, OG Kush, Girl Scout Cookies, Granddaddy Purple, and the Gorilla Glue 4.

For sleeping at night

The same goes with the second on this list, but it differs from being sleepy to being relaxed. There are strains which have been noted in history because of their ability to suppress insomnia with the people who experience the fateful condition? As we know, our world grows worse and the competition for achieving even at least a stable career is harder than what it was today. These long-term pressures may affect our sleep and our cognitive capacities, invoking our minds to act poorer and create bad decisions along the way.

Some of these strains are the 9 Pound Hammer, God’s Gift, Big Bud, Kosher Kush, and the Critical Kush.

For ease of body pains

Whether be it superficial or deeply internal, we experience enduring such type of body pains that gives an awful discomfort, giving us a bad day. With this, the earlier Marijuana users have crafted new strains which are primarily intended for giving us a long-lasting pain relief, and will not harm us back, just like what the synthetic drugs have used to do for the longest time.

These strains directly engage in releasing comfort hormones that may help us in sedating the pain, while healing the localized aching part of our body. There are reports that cancerous cases have been treated by the wonderful works of Marijuana Strains out in the market.

Some of these strains are Blackberry Kush, Blue Widow, Purple Arrow, Blueberry Headband, and Redwood Kush.

For Appetite Concerns

Yes, you read it right, Marijuana Strains are also good for appetizing you or trimming down your weight!

For your weight loss, you may want to consider Durban Poison, Green Crack, Cherry Pie, Harlequin, and Super Silver Haze.

For your weight gain, you may use Monster Cookies, Caramelo, Maui Bubble Gift, Pure Kush, and Sonoma Coma.

The Legacy of a Lifetime

We have this side that aims to leave an indelible mark here on Earth and it’s the same with the classic and modern Marijuana Strains. With the name of the strains, people will remember it due to the contributions it did for the Cannabis world.

There are strains which are remembered for their powerful cerebral effects, while some are good for appetizing you or trimming your weight down. Some may help you stay awake even in the late night, while some are good for cozy and sleepy nights. These strains differ from one another, but they are surely common of one thing- and that is their universal property of healing the people with their different sicknesses and illnesses.

It’s like claiming your property. When you own a pet, you have to give it a name, in a way that your friends will remember that pet too. The same goes for the Marijuana Strains.


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