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Determining the Sex of Your Cannabis Plant

sex of cannabis plants

If you are not growing a feminized seed, then there’s a chance that the plants that you are cultivating will be either a male or female. Nonetheless, if you desire to smoke out your cannabis plants, then it is important to grow over feminized plants to produce buds.

If a male plant is grown in combination with female plants, there’s an increasing probability of seed production. That is why identifying the sex of your cannabis immediately is essential to ensure buds instead of seeds. Though, it will be a difficult process since the gender of the plant is relatively unidentifiable during its pre-flowering phase.

To help you out, here are some things that you could examine in order to determine readily the sex of your plants.

Examine the plant’s characteristics
This isn’t a reliable judgment but has proven to be helpful in determining the sex of your cannabis plant. Female cannabis plants have more complicated branching along the seedling to the vegetative phases of the plant as compared to a male plant. Also, males tend to be much taller as compared to female plants.

Using a similar method you can also help determine the strain of your cannabis plant.

Maturity Duration
Males generally reach sexual maturity two to three weeks ahead of female cannabis plants. At this point, the male will grow taller and produce pollen sacs for which you could be identifying as bud along the process

Pistils and Flowers
Generally, all cannabis plants produce flowers. The only difference between the two genders likewise is its main indicators. Pollen sacs which form white little flowers could be identified as male. Whereas, hairy and whitish sticky pistils are generated into a female plant. Nonetheless, after identifying the gender of the plants, its best to eliminate directly the male plants to avoid pollination

Cloning the Plants
This has been proven to be a useful method for determining the gender of your cannabis plants. Likewise, all you need to do is to clone over your plant and force it to flower by exposing the plant to 12-hour darkness. Upon budding, you’ll identify immediately the gender of the plant

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