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Can You Disguise Your Cultivating Marijuana as Other Plants?

can you disguise your cultivating marijuana as other plants

In most cases, being questioned about grown marijuana plants is something very uncomfortable to handle. This is particularly true if the plants being questioned are yours and if the person who is questioning you is a law enforcer. You know that you will be placed in a serious situation if you are caught cultivating marijuana plants. You will surely find a way to inhibit this kind of situation.

Sadly, a lot of people from all over the world are compelled to violate the law to grow marijuana plants. They have valid reasons for taking these risks. Remember that marijuana plants were proven to work effectively in combating a huge variety of medical diseases. Many people are also using it to help them improve their creativity, motivation, and relaxation.

Violating the Law

If you have concluded to proceed in growing your marijuana plants, then you should know that you are bound to violate the law too. Many countries do not allow marijuana growing. Anyone who has tried smoking weed has violated the law. Even those people who sold or bought marijuana are also law violators. It may seem exaggerated, but that is how things go when it comes to marijuana. As a marijuana grower, you should be smart and cautious. 

Many of us are sophisticated to comprehend the righteous enigma we were introduced with here. We know that the restriction of marijuana is extremely unscrupulous and painful. No one would want to get punished because of it, but many are still using it because they feel that they need it for their medication. There is so much value in marijuana plants that many can tolerate the risks. Nevertheless, growers may apply considerate methods of cultivating marijuana.

Disguising your Marijuana Plants

Learning how to disguise your marijuana plants outdoors is an essential thing to do.  This is, in particular, to people who are growing in a place that does not completely accept marijuana is not completely acceptable. Law restricts growers to put any kind of traps of barbed fences around the plants; hence, you may have to think for other methods to disguise your plants.

When trying to disguise your marijuana outdoors, some innumerable strategies and options can be utilized to lower the possibility of being caught. Some of these techniques are very effective that even people standing right next to the cannabis plants shall have no clue about them. 

Certain methods can work better than others. Some techniques demand more effort, strategizing, and care. Some people may even appear slightly outrageous and would go against the conventional methods of growing; however, that is not important. Remember that your objective here is not to supply your neighborhood an equivalent 6 months consumption of marijuana. Remember that your goal is to effectively conceal your plants from intriguing eyes. You do not want to be bothered by some interrogation once someone discovers your marijuana garden.

Green Fencing Meshes

Green fencing meshes are popular instruments used to disguise marijuana plants. They are commonly used in balconies, country houses, fields, etc. so they will not trigger any kind of doubt. There were first utilized to discern fields and other areas of the farm, although they are being utilized more for privacy reasons. They obstruct any interfering eyes yet still allow the sun to reach the plants.

If put behind the plants, it creates a great wall, making it appear like in singular piece so that no one can view in. No one will have the idea that there are marijuana plants behind the fencing mesh.

Covering Marijuana Plants with Other Plants

An exceptional way for disguising marijuana plants is to utilize other classes of plants. But what will you use? How will you restrain it from standing out? Fortunately for us, we have a diversified nature. There are plenty of flowers and plants that do a remarkable job in disguising your marijuana because of their growth features, structure, and color. Some of the recommended plants are Staghorn Sumac, Ragweed and Giant Ragweed, Pride of Madeira, Cleome, Lupin, Stinging Nettles, and miscellaneous flowers and plants.

  1. Staghorn Sumac – this plant has long and thin branches with features that are the same as a fern. At first, this plant grows small and appears very much the same with fern. Later, it matures with a more vigorous which may be formed trimmed to flourish like a tree. This plant is best used with marijuana if kept short or when normally cultivated, and the following marijuana is trimmed to imitate the mature structure of bigger Staghorn Sumac.
  2. Ragweed and Giant Ragweed – this plant is very popular and is quickly available. It attracts minimal attention but performs an excellent job of disguising a marijuana plant. This plant is best used in the corner of the garden. It also works to disguise marijuana in lengthier grass. The lush structure of this plant must not be undervalued when weighing its usability for disguise.
  3. Pride of Madeira – this plant excellently carries out the job of disguising marijuana plants, particularly during the flowering phase. It has huge and lush flowers. The structure of the leaves is stacked and averagely thin and very alike to marijuana that the two may blend perfectly.
  4. Cleome – this plant is a superior and embellishing option, especially for disguising Indica strains marijuana plants. The immense, broader, overlaying, and layered structure of leaves of these flowers shall allow many Indica strains to be completely indiscernible. If the marijuana plant is kept short, it will be easy to cover several plants with small pieces of cleome. 
  5. Lupin – this plant has leaves which shapes are similar to marijuana. It works effectively in disguising both Indica and Sativa strains, particularly those with average to dark-colored features. Lupin and marijuana blend very well.
  6. Stinging Nettles – this plant may seem unpleasant to deal with, but it makes a great combination to marijuana plants as it can disguise the latter because of its growth characteristics and shape. The space between the serrated leaves and the nodes are a significant aspect here. Conceal your marijuana plants behind a few patches of Stinging Nettles in a corner, and no one will notice it. Its structure and height do an excellent job of camouflaging the marijuana and making an obnoxious barrier. Still, they are not very bulky or thick to obstruct the useful sunlight.
  7. Miscellaneous Flowers and Plants – other kinds of plants that transcend at disguising marijuana and keeping undesirable infiltrators are raspberry and blackberry bushes, thorn, sticker bushes, thorny bushes, sugar cane, corn, sawgrass, sunflowers, mixed wildflowers, and some bamboo types. 

Some growers even consider going far-off in growing their marijuana plants. They grow their marijuana plants in trees.  As you figure out things to come up with a conclusion, do not only choose flowers and plants that appear the same as marijuana. Rather, check for variables that will assist in making marijuana less perceptible such as size, color, leaf orientation, and branch structure.

Training and Cultivating Low

There is an array of methods of training marijuana plants. It is an extremely reactive plant and provided that it gets sufficient sunlight and water; it will be difficult to make a mess once it gets to the phase of the seedling. It is also very lenient. Training marijuana is similar to training tomato, and there are many ways to execute it. One can use fencing, cages, rocks, stakes, or strings to hold marijuana down while it grows, holding it as near to the surface as possible. By incorporating proper training, it is likely to make your marijuana very short and unnoticeable by cautiously pruning and trimming steep growth. 

You are bounded by your resourcefulness, and as long as you are not taking out more than 30 percent of the marijuana matter through trimming, then you must be cool. Simply ensure that you provide your marijuana plant some time to recuperate and continue growth before doing again the trimming. Limiting the size of the container is another effective method of restricting growth, and it is something that many utilize to keep a reasonable plant size.

Also, comprehend that overall production may be affected by plants that get excessive stress and insufficient period for proper growth before the flowering phase. Under many circumstances, pruning and trimming are utilized to improve production, but in this case, what we are trying to work out is to regulate and restrict its growth. Getting a bit lesser during harvest is a completely agreeable atonement for the capability to grow conscientiously. 


Defoliation is a disputed method among cultivators. Without digging into details, it is essential to understand that there should be no situation that will allow you to take out all the leaves from your marijuana plants. Having said that, bigger leaves may be taken out, and the marijuana plants can still resume their growth and still flourish. Although leaves carry out a particular purpose, it is entirely feasible to generate buds in superior quality with only minimal leaves.

As a technique for ultimate marijuana disguise, some cultivators shall take out the blades from every leaf. Some are even trimming the edges of the leaves to make them in round shape, modifying the indicating look, which makes marijuana very perceptible. Some growers consider cutting every blade from each leaf, excluding the central main blade, making it completely undiscernible as marijuana. This is not advised to new growers, but it exhibits the flexibility and versatility growers can have with this fascinating plant.

When marijuana starts to mature and gets into the phase of flowering, defoliation may be done more assertively. If executed properly, it can modify the look of the marijuana plant and get rid of the revealing features of a marijuana plant like the enormous fan leaves. If applied in combination with pruning or trimming, defoliation may help form a marijuana plant whose framework is unique to the structure we were used to seeing.

Combination Methods

By using various combinations of training, trimming, tying, and masking with other varieties of flowers and plants, there are professedly limitless methods to disguise your marijuana plants. Compost heaps, fallen trees, stacked wood, brush piles, lawn decorations, bushes, tree lines, and thorn bushes are all ideal places where marijuana can be conveniently concealed from sight.

For instance, with Stinging Nettles used for disguise, you may be able to cultivate an extended Sativa strain in a 3-gallon pot. With a similar situation and minimal training, you may be able to utilize a bigger pot while holding the height down for a more promising production. All these things are up to you, your personal choice, and your available space. If your space is extremely limited, you may even utilize very discreet methods that can do marvel for balcony, small courtyard, or rooftop. Marijuana disguised with artificial flowers makes it intensely camouflaged. Also, a small, nicely organized trimmed plant in a typical planter goes conveniently undiscernible when executed properly. 


Whatever inclination you have, it is best to identify what kind of strain you intend to cultivate before you begin with your growing. This will provide you the idea about the overall size of the plant, as well as its yield, severity, and stress resistance. Using the inappropriate strain with the inappropriate methods of disguising, bad technique, and improper cultivation conditions may lead to plants that are difficult to conceal and very low-producing. It wouldn’t be too much if you plan a bit before you begin your cultivation.

Growing marijuana can be very pleasing and rewarding at the same time. Whatever your reason for growing them – whether medical or recreational, marijuana plants are worth all your efforts. The possibilities are boundless. It is a plant that offers promising benefits, and you deserve all these. It should be your decision to grow marijuana. It is your choice. It is your right. But then, you must remember that in growing marijuana, there should be some caution and some effective strategies. That is why you must figure out the best method of disguising your marijuana plants.

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