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Crossing Feminized Plant with a Male Plant – All You Need to Know

crossing feminized plant with a male plant all you need to know

Cannabis strains can come from pure breeds or hybrid varieties. These breeds can include Cannabis Sativa, Cannabis Indica and Cannabis Ruderalis species. Varieties are developed via breeding to either intensify a particular characteristic, to make it a more effective drug or for personal consumption. Cannabis growers know that they can use different types of seeds for breeding-crossbreeding, be it the regular, autoflower or even the feminized seeds for sale.

Crossbreeding one type of seed to another has long been a practice in the marijuana industry. Major seed banks do this to ensure the production of a specific marijuana strain or possibly create a strain that has a stronger effect on its users. Since any type of seeds can be used, we’ll focus more on crossing feminized plants with a male plant and see the results.

Topic Rundown: Breeding new Cannabis Strains

Before we go on with crossing the feminized plant with a male plant, let’s take a look into the whole breeding process to understand what really happens and what to expect during this activity.

If you’re a new cannabis cultivator and you find yourself asking, why does the world needs to make new strains via breeding-crossbreeding? The simple reason behind is that every strain has the potential to bring something new to the table.

Cannabis Strains are known to have different effects be it from the original ones or to the new hybrid ones. What excites cannabis cultivators who engage in the breeding technique, is the possibility of creating a strain that has all the characteristics a grower is looking for and the endless possibility of creating strains that the world will recognize.

Since cannabis breeding has been around a couple of generations, those who are experienced breeders have mastered the outcome of seedling showing more desirable traits rather than showing the ones they’re against with.

Traits to go by when Breeding

If you have plans on breeding your own cannabis strain, here are some of the traits you might want to consider. But before initiating any breeding procedure, you need to ask yourself “what am I trying to achieve by breeding? With the enormous list of strains available in the market, you can breed with different goals in mind.

Growth Patterns

Are looking for cannabis plants who grow tall, short, long, lanky, bushy? You also need to check the whole cultivation process, how long does it take to reach harvest time? How about the yield, does it look promising?


These will tackle hast fast the cannabis plants grow, do they resist mold and root problems easily? Can it stand heat or cold? And how strong are the stems of this cannabis plant?


These will be the overall quality of the buds that you want in your strain.


Cannabis strains that are colored seem to be very popular these days. The purple and pink ones have been getting a lot of attention. However, when you’re basing color as the main purpose of your breeding, it’s important to keep in mind that color will not have a direct effect on the potency of cannabis.


This can be of individual preference since every person has a different reaction to smell. Every cannabis bud can produce a lot of different smells and it might be difficult to “lock in” a certain smell you’ll just have to rely more on your personal feelings on this one.


Most cannabis growers who are breeding their strains will test for the THC and CBD levels and this is mostly practiced when producing medical cannabis plants. You can always go for the ones that produce mental and physical effects that you like.

Crossing Feminized Seeds for Sale with a Regular Male Seed

We all know that the feminized seeds for sale are the seeds that came from a plant that produces pollen sacs that came from a technique that uses colloidal silver. Cannabis cultivators use feminized seeds and plants to ensure that the bud production will be female and continuous and male plants are discarded or put away on a different area for the fear pollinating the plant.

But there might be instances that a grower will think of crossing a feminized plant with a regular male one, here are the possible impacts you will need to look out for.

A 50% chance of getting a male plant

A cannabis plant that came from a feminized seed and has been fertilized by a male plant will have an equal chance of producing male and female offspring. If you’re a cultivator that is mainly concerned of producing higher yield, we will not really recommend doing this as the male plants will be disposed of after fertilization unless you want to use it again for the next batch.

However, if you’re a breeder that wants to experiment on certain strains, then this process is highly recommended for you. By crossing a feminized plant to a male plant allows you to somehow preserve the strain in the male plant which can be used for future breeding.

The chances of getting a hermaphrodite in each batch increases

When male pollen goes into the pistils of the feminized plant, it can result in having a hermaphrodite plant. Although the plant may look like a female plant on the beginning if you take a closer look, it might have the combination of plain flowers and those that have long, white hair sticking out. That is the very obvious sign that the plant is a hermaphrodite.

Hermaphrodites are always discarded by cultivators because they are known to produce a low-quality bud, it can’t be used for production and it’s known to be not as potent as the female ones. Using it for fertilization is not also possible as it may just give way to another batch of hermaphrodites.

Crossing feminized plants with male plants is a tricky process but it can give you the positive effects that you’re looking for, you just need to be careful that you will not make any hermaphrodites in the process.

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