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Creating the Perfect Growing Environment for Cannabis

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Create Perfect Growing Environment for Cannabis

If you are planning to grow your own growing cannabis plant for the purpose of getting an easy access to your medication or for your recreation (smoking), one of the most important factors that you need to understand at this point is to consider getting a growing environment that will help in the survival of your cannabis plants.

Whether it is for indoor or outdoor growing, you still need to follow some special instructions to meet the needs of your cannabis. So without further ado, here are some of the important details that you should take into consideration for you to create the perfect growing environment for your growing cannabis plants.

For Outdoor Growing

Outdoor growing is more inexpensive for others, but for a few, this is more challenging and it will require you more effort and money. But whatever is your opinion about outdoor growing, one thing is for sure, this is an organic way of growing a cannabis plant because your plant is more exposed to natural resources.

With that being said, if you are interested to know how to create a perfect outdoor environment for your cannabis plant, here are some of the fundamentals for your reference:

  1. Climate

Th Mediterranean and tropical climates are the best and the most suitable climate for growing a cannabis plant for outdoors. Both of these climates can produce hot and cold weathers.

For tropical climate, the weather ranges from humid and hot. Although they have an excessive rainfall, this climate also provides a considerate sunshine which is an ideal place for growing a cannabis plant.

Countries such as Southeast Asia (Thailand, Cambodia, and India), North America such as Mexico, and South America are known for having a tropical climate.

For Mediterranean climate, they have cool and wet winters and also a dry and hot summers. This kind of climate is known for growing good trees and cannabis plants as well. So if you are from the countries of Australia, Africa, Chile, California, or Argentina, then you can definitely ensure the survival of your plants.

But if your place has an extreme weather with consistent changes, then it is much better to grow your cannabis indoors which we will discuss later.

  1. Light

The only way to control the light for outdoor growing is by choosing the best location where there is more sun exposure. You have to take note as well that morning sunlight is strongly recommendable when compared to the afternoon light.

So if your cannabis plant is in the middle of its growing stage, you need to ensure that your plants will receive more morning light. Also, you have to remove anything around your cannabis plant to get a guarantee that they will be the only one who is going to receive the light.

  1. Humidity

Humidity is not an issue if you are growing outdoors. Dews in the early mornings of summer is not an issue for these dews can be easily evaporated by your plants.

But when the rainy season comes, you have to make an effort to put your plants in a dry place because the dew on your plants will not be properly evaporated if rain is consistent. And when that happens, it will cause a problem like a bud rot.

For Indoor Growing

Indoor growing for cannabis plants is the ideal option for many growers who are having an issue with the light and temperature due to their weather condition.

Some may say that this option is very confusing, but the truth is you don’t have to make everything complicated when it comes to indoor growing because as long as you are utilizing the right strain, fertilizer, nutrients, and a perfect growing environment, everything will work perfectly.

So to begin your indoor growing, you need to learn first how to create a perfect indoor growing.

  1. Ventilation

You need a proper ventilation at your growing room because this will help you in getting a stable temperature and humidity level. Additionally, your cannabis will grow much faster if they will get fresher and breezier air over and under the plants.

So to get better air circulation in your growing room, you need to look for possible ways to balance the factors and elements to get better high-quality of cannabis.

Although this is a little bit challenging to do, you can still make a way on how to balance the air flow in your growing room by using an exhaust system and ventilation units and placing them in different locations to ensure that the air flow will move around your growing room.

  1. Light

It is very important that you use the best grow light for indoor growing because this will leave a major impact on the yields and total growth quality of your cannabis. Also, if you will use a grow light that promotes perfect color spectrum for plants, you can expect that your cannabis will grow with bushier, slimmer, and taller leaves.

So to achieve this, give your plants enough light with even brightness to harvest a plant with higher yields. Additionally, you have to remember that too much light will result in a big failure.

  1. Temperature

The temperature of your indoor growing environment should be in between of 70 to 85 degrees Fahrenheit. This range is the ideal temperature if your cannabis plants are in its vegetative stage.

For the flowering stage, you need to set the temperature of your growing room to 62 up to 80 degrees Fahrenheit.

Just remember that if the temperature exceeds or deflates outside of this given range (vegetative or flowering), expect that your plants will encounter quality issues as well. So always measure the temperature of your room to give a comfort to your cannabis.

If you are feeling cold or hot, then your cannabis are feeling it too. If you are comfortable with the temperature, then no need to worry about your cannabis plants condition.

All things considered, creating a perfect growing environment for your cannabis plants is a bit rigorous to handle. So be ready and make sure that you will fully commit yourself to grow a cannabis plant for this will lead to a more successful yield!

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