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How to Create Autoflowering Marijuana

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Autoflowering marijuana is a kind of cannabis that can grow fast and can be harvested earlier than regular cannabis plants. Autos are genetically designed to grow in just as short as 3 weeks and will become mature and ready for harvest in just 8 weeks. Compared to regular cannabis that will take up to 3 months to grow and up to 6 months to be ready for harvest, you can actually breed autoflowering cannabis two to three times in a year. If you are looking to profit from a marijuana operation then using autos could be the best idea.

The Problem with Autos

Autoflowering marijuana is indeed a huge blessing for growers however there is a downside that should not be forgotten and that is autos cannot grow from clones. You cannot take cuttings from other marijuana plants and plant it to grow autos. You must buy seeds from suppliers online or from your local seller to grow your own batch of auto cannabis. And while this is an acceptable arrangement, over time you will feel the accumulated costs of buying expensive auto marijuana seeds from suppliers. This could quickly eat up your profits! Therefore the best way to grow autoflowering plants is to grow your own seeds.

Creating your Own Autoflowering Marijuana Seeds

To cut costs it’s really a better idea to grow your own seeds instead of buying from suppliers. There are many reasons why creating your own seeds is better:

  • You can be sure that you are using organic seeds

Growing organic means that everything that your plant needs came naturally from the environment and no artificial or chemicals were used to enhance its growth.

  • You can be sure that you are using safe and pest-free seeds

Because you are basically making your own seeds, you can be sure that no chemicals, pesticides and herbicides were used to grow seeds. You must only use organic plant food, no pesticides and dangerous chemicals that can harm your plant and your customers and of course nothing that can harm the environment as well.

  • You can stealthily develop your marijuana operation

Because you won’t need to go out to buy cannabis seeds or meet people that sell them personally or online, you are keeping yourself safe and sound when you use your own cannabis seeds for your grow operation. As with most stealth operations and grow gardens, they only use seeds that they have manufactured to prevent anyone from finding their actual location.

  • You will have seeds available for many more years to come

Do you know that a single marijuana female plant can make hundreds and even thousands of seeds given the right conditions for growing? And if you decide to grow seeds, you can actually harvest thousands upon thousands of seeds for your personal growing operations. This would be enough to last for several years to come for small to medium scale growers.

  • You can also sell seeds for profit

Why keep all these seeds to yourself? Aside from profiting from your marijuana products, you can also sell seeds. Definitely this is a great additional income source for you and your family.

Simple Steps to Grow your Own Auto Seeds

Autoflowering seeds are some of the most expensive cannabis varieties online.  Just by following these simple steps you can grow seeds for personal and business use. No need to rely on dealers and sellers anymore.

  1. Purchase autoflowering marijuana seeds from a trusted grower

To grow auto seeds you must start with a reliable seller or dealer that can provide you with good quality autoflowering seeds. Naturally these seeds will be at least 50% male and 50% female and the only way to find out if a seed is male or female is to grow them. You can also purchase feminized autoflowering seeds to grow female plants but you still need a male plant to pollinate it. Therefore the best way to go is to grow regular autos first and distinguish the males from the females.

  1. Grow these seeds side by side

Grow your regular autos side by side following strain instructions carefully. You will usually find reliable information on how to grow a particular strain from its dealer or from a trusted online source. Make sure that these seeds get good lighting, 24/0 if possible so that these can grow and show their gender in just a few weeks.

  1. Determine the gender of your plants

As soon as your seeds become seedling and then develop into young plants you must stand guard and monitor for the appearance of preflowers. These are structures that will tell you the gender of your plant.

Males show their preflowers found at the junction between the main branch and the stems. You will see round balls which are actually full of pollen. These sacs or buds will open to release pollen to the air and these will naturally attach to the female structures and then create seeds.

Females on the other hand have very pretty flowers in light yellow, yellow and white hues. These are also found along the junction of the main branch and stems.

  1. Identify the males and choose the alpha male

By now you can identify the gender of your plants. Hurry and choose the alpha male before the male preflowers sacs open. The main male plant has to be strong with large buds ready to burst open. Discard all the other male plants.

  1. Time to pollinate your females

Arrange your plants inside your grow room and make sure that each one has enough space to grow and thrive. Provide adequate lighting, ventilation, water and food. It’s time to let nature do its work and let the pollination begin!

  1. Wait for seeds to form and harvest them

In just a matter of days, your female plants will develop fat buds which contain hundreds of seeds. You now have your own batch of autoflowering seeds that you can use for seasons to come.

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