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Common Cannabis Plants Problems with Growers

Marijuana growing is a lot more interesting and an adventurous one, it will let every grower learn. It is very important that you will know the do’s and don’ts of Cannabis growing to prevent from waste and discrepancies.

In growing Cannabis plants you will be expecting problems as well. There are many forms of problems you may encounter along the way and some of it can be learned in this article.

Nutrients problems

Growing Cannabis plants will really need the help of different nutrients to grow. Nutrients are the food of your Cannabis that is needed to be taken or else your Cannabis plants will starve. Some problem of nutrient is the tendency that your Cannabis plants will not receive enough nutrients. In every stage, there is a specific kind of nutrient that your Cannabis plants will largely to consume. If this certain nutrient will not be given properly it will result in a nutrient deficiency.  For example, the leaves of your Cannabis plants turned into yellow. It shows a sign that your Cannabis plants need nitrogen.

On the other hand, too much application of fertilizers or nutrients will also lead to toxicity. There are times when you are applying too much nitrogen the leaves will also turn to yellow. That is why it is crucial that you will be aware of the right amount of fertilizer and what certain type of nutrient should be applied in every stage.

Watering problems

Water is an essential part of the whole process of Marijuana growing. However, too much or too little will also bring harm to your weeds. Overwatering is a state where a grower is giving too much amount of water in the plants. It will not give a good implication because it may cause the roots to rot and to be more vulnerable to molds, insects, and pests.

On the other hand, under watering also happens when your Cannabis plants will not receive enough amount of water. Water will enable the roots to breathe so too little supply of water in weeds will result in dryness.

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