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Common Solutions to Wilting and Drooping Cannabis Leaves

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Wilting and drooping leaves are the results of overwatering and underwatering your cannabis plants. That means if you will continue to do these wrong applications of water, your plants will suffer from your negligence. And if not immediately fixed, your whole effort of growing a cannabis will all be wasted and that includes your money.

So if you are seeing some signs of wilting and drooping in your cannabis plants, you need to fix it right away for you to continue the life of your cannabis plants. Yes, you can still give your cannabis plant the second life regardless of its wilting and drooping leaves. So cheer up now for we will discuss the common solutions that you can consider for your wilting and drooping cannabis leaves.

Wilting vs. Drooping

Before giving the common solutions to your wilting and drooping leaves, you need to understand first what is the appearance of a wilting or drooping leaf since there is an exact solution per condition. So let us define first what is wilting.

Wilting cannabis leaves are usually happening because you are underwatering your cannabis plants. You can tell if your leaves are wilting if the tips of your leaves are curling under and changing its color to yellow ones. They also look like they are completely lifeless.

On the contrary, the drooping leaves are the result of overwatering. It is more lifeless and dead in appearance when compared to wilted leaves. The whole leaves will not show any discoloration although there are some cases that the whole leaf is color yellow.

So if the wilting cannabis leaves are curling and changing the color of tips into yellow ones, the drooping cannabis leaves are curling the whole parts of the leaves and not just the tips.

Solution for Wilting Leaves

Underwatering your cannabis plants will result in wilted leaves. So to fix this, you need to add more water into your plant to relieve its life again.

Remember not to overwater your plant for it will result in more complications. Simply use a water without anything on it while maintaining its proper pH level. Do it more often until the wilted leaves are showing signs of new hope and life.

So if you think that they look like a normal cannabis leaf now, you can now continue to give your plants a solution with nutrients.

Solution for Drooping Leaves

Fixing drooping leaves are a bit complicated to do when compared to wilted leaves since underwatering is a lot easier to handle.

So for overwatered cannabis plants, you need to ensure that there is a proper drainage system in your pot to avoid rotting of roots. But if the drainage is not the issue, you need to fix your potting mix by simply adding some air holes to your medium to enhance the airflow. This will also help you root from receiving more oxygen while letting the water to evaporate properly.

Take note that you don’t need to lessen your watering schedule or lessen the amount of water because overwatering is occurring due to improper drainage and too much storage of water in the bottom of your pot.

So to avoid overwatering, you need to check your soil more often. If the top layer of your soil is dry (about 1 inch deep), you need to water it. But if the soil looks moist and dark, you don’t need to water it because it only means that your soil is still hydrated.

Overall, you need to avoid overwatering and underwatering your cannabis plants so you will not get a wilted and drooped cannabis. So always do check the condition of your cannabis plants for you to immediately fix it and avoid the complications that your cannabis might encounter.

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