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Common Problems In Growing Autoflowering Cannabis Strains

common problems in growing autoflowering cannabis strains

Growing cannabis is just like growing any kind of plant. It requires good amounts of sunlight, water and plant food to grow healthy and strong. Grow it outdoors and get great yield without doing much, grow it indoors and you can control all the aspects of your plant’s development. But there is a problem with growing regular cannabis plants, you will only be able to grow and harvest once a year considering the plant’s natural way of  following light and dark cycles. Therefore if you want more frequent harvests year by year, autoflowering cannabis strains should be your seed of choice.

Why autoflowering seeds? These seeds are genetically manipulated to grow in just three weeks and are ready for harvest in just 8 weeks. Therefore you can grow and harvest twice to thrice a year depending on the light and dark cycles you provide your plants.

Auto cannabis is actually easy to grow. As long as you use 24/0 light and dark cycles you will be able to grow these plants well and get a good yield by harvest time. But despite this easy to grow automatic cannabis popularity among growers and breeders, the following problems were commonly encountered by first-time breeders and growers.

  • Poor genetics

One of the most unwanted things for growers is getting autos with poor genes. Autoflowering plants are genetically engineered to grow, bloom and harvest at a particular time and autos with bad genes can either grow in a much later time or take time to mature and hence delay harvest for several days to weeks. How to avoid buying autoflowering cannabis seeds with bad genetics? Simply rely only from experienced and professional dealers and sellers. Use only premium auto seeds to guarantee expected results.

  • Poor yield

Poor yield could be due to a lot of factors like poor lighting, low quality food, stress can all cause poor yield. Therefore you must first do your research and understand the different growing requirements of the strain that you wish to plant before doing so.

Stress is one of the most common causes for a poor yield. Plants become stressed by pretty much anything. From poor light, transplanting to a large pot and so on. Reducing stress should be your priority. Simply leaving it alone to grow may be a good idea in most cases.

  • Poor growth

Some plants could have a stunted growth and this could be due to a lot of things. Nutrient deficiencies, reduced lighting, attack of pests and other environmental factors. Getting rid of all these negative factors can help improve plant growth. Following grow instructions can also help your auto plants follow their designated growing and harvesting phases.

  • Dealing with pests

One of the most common pests that destroy cannabis plants are spider miters. These minute creatures have amazing appetites and can easily eat your crops clean in a matter of days. Eradicating spider mites is a challenge but this has to be managed to salvage your crops.

  • Problems with choosing the right equipment

There are a lot of problems that arise from choosing, using, installation and maintenance of different equipment used in growing cannabis. There are just so many things to consider especially when you grow indoors.

The question of which kind of indoor artificial lighting is at the top of the list with so many kinds of lighting solutions that you can use. Second are installation problems for ventilation and odor control. Remember that understanding the use of different grow equipment will be able to help you make the most of growing your indoor autoflowering cannabis plants.

  • Indoor or outdoor grow

Another question that most new growers ask is whether to go with an indoor or outdoor grow. There are different advantages and disadvantages between growing autoflowering cannabis indoors and outdoors. Outdoor growing is less stressful but won’t let you control the environment for your plants to grow and throve. Indoor growing lets you control almost everything and every aspect of your plant’s growth and will let you maximize your plant’s growth potential. Indoor settings may not be perfect and may cost more than growing outdoors.

  • Private/stealth growing

Cannabis growing is a private growing business and should be stealthily dealt with to prevent unwanted eyes and uninvited guests. Remember, that you must avoid any stress that can ruin your plant’s growth and development.

  • Getting updated information

Everyday growers continue their quest to look for the best cannabis seeds and strains. Sometimes information is too difficult to understand and there is no one to talk to get updated information. This could lead to poor results and many more mistakes that can affect the overall health of your crops.

  • Overall costs of operation

Compared to outdoor growing, indoor autoflowering cannabis growing could take a toll out of your profits because of so many factors. First of all, auto seeds are very expensive and there is no other way to grow auto plants than using seeds. Therefore you might need to dish out a small fortune every time you start any growing activity. Aside from seed costs, it is also very expensive to maintain even a closet indoor operation. You need to purchase effecting artificial lamps, fans for ventilation, carbon filters to reduce smell and so many other pieces of equipment that you need for your work. The cost of electricity is also a worry especially if you need your grow lights 24 hours a day. Overall, you must be ready for increasing costs of maintenance of an indoor garden and to think of ways to conserve energy but won’t be too detrimental to your plant’s health.

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