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Cloning Plants Can Be Easy with These Tips

Cloning Marijuana in an Easy Way

Cloning may sound like a science-fiction matter for novice cannabis growers. But the truth is, every cannabis growers, new ones or experts, can actually clone their own favorite marijuana plant and reproduce more of it!

So if you like to reproduce your favorite marijuana plant with the same characteristics, yield, and potency, all you have to do is to opt for cloning method and fill your garden with your most loved marijuana plants!

But how to perfect the art of cloning? What are the exact things to do for you to achieve the process of cloning? If you are interested to know the proper way of cloning your marijuana, here’s what you need to prepare and follow to successfully become a “cloner”.

  1. Prepare the following tools before starting the process of cloning:

– Sharp razor and scissors

– Water

– Starter cubes

– Cloning products

– pH meter

– Mother plant for cloning

  1. After preparing the tools and other needs, make sure that you will sanitize each of the things that you will use including the cuttings from your mother plant to ensure that your cloning process will be free from any kinds of harms and diseases.

For cuttings, all you have to do is to quickly soak the leaves and stalks of your cuttings into a solution that contains prophylaxis alcohol or mild soap water with at least 5 to 8% concentration.

Note: Never put the entire cuttings into the solution.

  1. So before you sanitize your cuttings from your mother plant, you need to learn first how to choose and take the cuttings for your cloning process.

Let’s start with the process of choosing your mother plant.

First and foremost, you need to choose the best type of marijuana plant according to your desires. If you like to clone a marijuana plant with higher yields with great potency and aroma, then you have to pick your best marijuana plant in your garden that shows the same characteristics.

But of course, you have to take note that the mother plant that you will take should look healthy with high quality and nice color and size to ensure that your cloning will be successful.

So after picking your favorite marijuana plant, you can now take the cuttings from the mother plant by using your sterilized sharp scissors or razor. Remember, the cuttings that you will take should be healthy. That means the branch should like pretty with great color and there should be no signs of damages from pests or deficiencies.

After discovering the best branch from your mother plant, you need to cut the stem at a 45 angle making sure that its size would be between 5 to 8 inches below the growth tip of your cannabis since this is the ideal size when cloning a cannabis.

So now that you already selected a clone, the next things that you need to do are to trim the extra branches off the side of your cuttings including the top of the leaves (diagonally) to enhance the growth ability of your clone and also to make the flowering phase to become much faster.

  1. Get your cloning products such as the cloning gel then dip the bottom of the stalk for a few seconds.

But before you dip the bottom of your clone to the cloning gel, you have to make sure that you will clean the 1 inch (from the bottom) by gently scraping the tissues and exposing the inside of your stem for faster rooting.

Then after doing such, place your cutting into a glass of water immediately to avoid the instance of bubbling your stem. Then you can now dip your cutting into the cloning gel as per instructed above this section.

  1. After dipping your clone into a cloning gel, you need to immediately put them in your chosen cloning medium. You can either opt for Rockwool cubes, soil, or water.

For the Rockwool cubes, you need to use a pH meter since you need to soak the Rockwool cubes into a water with a pH level of 5.5 for 2 to three hours. Then after soaking the Rockwool, you need to cut your clone now in a slant direction below then dip it into the cloning gel.

After such, you can now put your clone into the Rockwool cube, then place the clones into a propagator while maintaining a temperature between 65 to 70 degrees Fahrenheit.

For the soil medium, you need to prepare a soil that is not abundant in nutrients. After preparing it, you also need to cut the bottom of your stem diagonally then dip into cloning gel. After dipping it, you need to place your clone into the pot with soil.

Then put your clones now in the propagator then watering them. After watering them, you need to spray some water on your propagator and plants to create a good climate for your plants. After such, you need to use a CFL grow light to allow the formation of the roots.

For the water medium, you need to get a cup or plastic bottle with a narrow neck, add treated water, cover the container then add a small hole where you can insert the stem that is dipped into a cloning gel. Then wait for the roots to form.

Note: You have to change the water if algae are already forming into the water.

  1. After all the process and you have noticed that your clone is already forming its roots (1/2 to 1 inch in length), you need to transplant your clones now carefully into a bigger container.

There are more additional tips that you can consider to ensure your success in cloning. You can ask for the help of an expert for guidance if you are afraid to take the challenge of cloning. But overall, if you will just be careful in doing the cloning process, then there’s a guarantee that your cloning will not encounter any complications.

So good luck to your cloning and may your cannabis grow with great success!

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