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How to Clone Marijuana the Right Way

Right Way of Cloning Marijuana Plant

Marijuana plant cloning has been practiced in agriculture for hundreds of years already. And it has already been practiced in marijuana growing for a very long time now. It is a very convenient and easy way to grow more plants with all the initial effort out of the way.

There are many benefits to cloning, however the greatest one is the capacity to choose the plants with the best qualities and ensure that these characteristics are passed on to new plants. Other advantages include consistency and resilience. With regards to how the first plant turned out, we can conclude how the clone will turn out, what outside components will influence it, and how to care more for it.

The strategy of cloning likewise empowers producers to choose examples that are impervious to certain plant maladies, something which early agriculturists would’ve given everything for. Different benefits of cloning are:

  • More resilience
  • Quicker reproduction
  • More affordable that starting over

The best way to clone

Since we have now learned the marvels of plant cloning, it’s a great opportunity to discuss how it is done. Cloning is a procedure that can be accomplished by nearly anybody with the willingness, and as long as the procedure is done, you can create great clones.

For the most part, the procedure can be done by taking a clone from a plant and moving it elsewhere to develop, however it’s more confusing than that. You must be ready that some of the clones might die.

So now let’s get to the steps of cloning marijuana plants.

  1. Selecting the right mother

Everything begins with picking the right mother plant. It’s the part that establishes the whole thing. Take as much time as necessary and analyze the choices thoroughly.

Select the plant that looks most strong and has the best roots, yet additionally focus on its yields and pace of development. Ideally, you need a blend of every one of these properties. Much of the time, appearance alone can be a determinant if the plant will work for cloning. You should choose a branch nearer to bottom portion of the plant, as that is the place a greater amount of the plant’s hormones are stored.

  1. Cutting the clone

Use a sharp blade to cut through the stem at 45 degrees so that your plants can get as much nutrients as they need. After cutting, place it in water immediately. Take off any excess leaves as the plant won’t be able to support it because it is still too weak and fragile. But make sure to leave some leaves to allow for photosynthesis.

  1. Repotting

Once the clone have reinvigorated, it is now time to transfer it into its own pot. You should bear in mind that clones need a slightly different kind of care compared to plants that are grown from seeds. However, the difference is to your advantage because this means that the cloned plant can progress on its growth more quickly and therefore flower even faster.

  1. Caring for the clone

You should place the potted clone far from the light at first as it can’t handle too much light in the early stages. If you are using LED lights, place the cloned plant 30 inches away from the light and take care to monitor the growing conditions regularly.

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