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Choosing Feminized Seeds as a Mother Plant – Know More About it

choosing feminized seeds as a mother plant know more about it

The main objective for every cannabis grower is making sure that the cannabis plant produces a high-quality yield that will become financially beneficial in the future. Every cannabis grower knows that investing in good cannabis seeds is the start of good cultivation practice, some growers in certain states like California will even look for the best marijuana seeds that have been feminized using careful procedures to ensure a good yield production.

Using a feminized cannabis seed as mother plant will be helpful since you’re eliminating the chances of getting a male offspring. We all know that a male cannabis plant can only be used during their fertilization process and it needs to be kept away from the female plant to get rid of reducing the chances of high-quality buds and seeds. If you have plans of using feminized seeds as your mother plant, you have come to the right place as we will tell you more about it.

Why is there a need to select a Mother Plant?

ny experienced grower will tell you that selecting a mother plant allows you to have uniformed crops of the genetics that will meet the demands of your cultivation. Most growers will really put into heat what they want out of the cannabis plant be it better yield, amazing aroma, good quality buds and seeds for next production, they have carefully thought it out.

Here are some of the criteria that growers follow in order to select a mother plant:

Early Flowering
Smell and Taste

Ease of Growth

Most of the time, cannabis cultivators will only realize that the cannabis plant is special or unique is when it has already hit the flowering stage. In order to preserve this plant for the nec=xt cultivation, it’s best to keep at least one cutting of each plant and duplicate them for possible crossbreeding. The cuttings will be the exact copies with the same properties and features.

Can I make a selection of Marijuana seeds from California that are Feminized?

The main answer to this question is, of course, you can. Using marijuana seeds from California that have been feminized or it might be from the other side of the world is completely okay as long as you have done your research about it.

Remember that your mother plant will serve as the start-up of all your marijuana generations so it’s best to choose marijuana strains that are known to have good quality that can be passed on from one offspring to another.

How to pick the Perfect Cannabis Mother Plant

If you’re an experienced cannabis cultivator, you’ll know that having a mother plant is the source of pride and joy. With the help of feminized and autoflowering seeds it has become a lot easier to get new, reliable seeds all throughout the year, it has also been possible to experiment with new strains every year. But having a preserved mother plant in all her glory will always bring a cannabis cultivator a certain feeling of pride and honor.

Here are tips you can use when choosing your Mother Plant.


  • Use any seeds you like.


Although most growers agree that you should only pick mother plants that came from regular seeds, you have the option to use a feminized seed. Using feminized seeds are so much easier to work with. The chances of getting a male offspring are low, therefore, making sure that the lineage of the cannabis plant continues. 

However, the main concern for using feminized plants is the increased risk of hermaphroditism. The mother plants are kept in the vegetative phase for a longer period of time and they undergo regular pruning, this may cause a lot of stress to the plant and feminized plants are not known to handle stress in a good way, they often become hermaphrodites if they undergo an intense level of stress. 


  • Filter out the Males


If you’re working with your own hybrid seeds or the regular ones that you bought online, the process of choosing your cannabis mother plant will always be the same. You will begin with the germination process, take the cuttings from the plants before they enter the pre-flowering stage. Label your cuttings and note which donors they came from.

You can continue flowering your cannabis plants but pay close attention to each plant and make sure that you have removed all male plants as quickly as possible. You can dispose of them to get rid of the risk of pollinating your female plants.


  • Pick and Choose


Once your cannabis plants start flowering, you should pay close attention to each phenotype’s unique characteristics. If you have decided to go with the feminized seeds, look for these kinds of qualities.

  • Vigor: The mother plants should be strong, robust plants that grow well. A good plant can produce a number of cuttings in the years to come. Look for the plants that look healthiest.
  • Appearance: Growers will look for a specific physical trait in their plants, they might choose smaller plants that are easier to manage while some will opt to go for bigger strains. Other factors such as internodal spacing and color are also important.
  • Yield: This is probably the biggest factor to look out for. If your feminized seeds are known to produce high yields, then it might be the best option for you. Everyone wants to get big harvests and some are even willing to sacrifice quantity over quality, you just need to decide what works for your cannabis production.
  • Aroma: If you are an expert cultivator you might love appreciating the smell of different strains. You should pay close attention to the different aromas of each of your plant and pick the one that has the most appeal to you. But, if you’re looking for strains that don’t produce too much odor and avoid attracting the attention of others, that’s good also. 

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