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Characteristics of a Good Marijuana Hybrid

characteristics of a good marijuana hybrid

The world has been overwhelmed with a spectrum of Marijuana Strains emerging in the present markets. The previous Indica and Sativa strains have been rampantly mixed by the scientists and growers and created new sets of Marijuana breeds.

The strains have been so powerful that they too have changed the course of the political climate in this world, especially during the Cold War up to the end of the Vietnam War. Let us get to know more about the most innovative Marijuana Strains of all time- the Hybrids.

Hybrid Strains

These modern strains came from the scientific studies, researches and laboratory experiments of the growers. They are the offspring of mixed Indica, Sativa, and Ruderalis Genetics.

The first possible Hybrid Strains emerged in the Netherlands, where the heart of International Marijuana Stores beat. It has been known that decades ago, the first Hybrid Strains rose to popularity because of the tireless works the growers and scientists have done before.

For the record, the hybrid Cannabis Strains are the most abundant strains, the world has ever seen since the art of Marijuana consumption begun.

There are Five Types of Hybrids Dominating the Global Market Today:

Indica- Sativa

The two different strains are intendedly combined to produce a strain with balanced THC and CBD content that may help users who work with flexible schedules or those patients who suffer multiple illnesses that cannot be simply healed by a pure breed.

In some cases, the THC content of a mixed plant is greater than its CBD, leading to the plant’s characteristics be like the Sativa strains in height, leaves, buds, and flowers but the smell is like that of an Indica strain.

The same applies to the plants containing greater CBD content than the THC volume.


The same Indica strains combined by the growers to produce a pure and CBD-rich Indica race that are possibly tapped as a good source of the said chemical, perfect for evening use with the people who suffer illnesses related to sleep, muscular and emotional problems.


The same Sativa strains are greatly combined to produce a powerful THC-rich Sativa race which can help people working actively in the daytime while suppressing their emotional problems and physically killing the pains they experience from time to time. However, as the world restricts THC tighter than CBD-rich ones, these strains are only limited to a few numbers.

Sativa- Ruderalis or Indica-Ruderalis

These plants are carefully mixed with Cannabis Ruderalis to produce Autoflowering strains. These are the most efficient and most preferred in terms of frequency of harvesting, cost, time and space. However, the THC or CBD chemicals they contain are not as great and large as the not autoflowering Marijuana plants can produce.


These plants are the most modernized ones. Concerning the tireless works of Cannabis Advocates and never-ending demand of the Marijuana consumers to the new strains, the scientists and grower continue to create more and more strains that may cater the needs of the people today.

The result? A hybrid one cross-bred with another hybrid strain. They offer some of the most unexpected THC to CBD rates, even in terms of physical appearance, aromatic composition, the flavors and the unprecedented effects to the veterans and new ones.

Traits of a Good Marijuana Hybrid

The traits of a good Marijuana Hybrid must be like the other strains accessible to the public today. Despite its parent strains, these hybrids should have the following traits to be considered as generally healthy and possibly has high potencies:

It should be rich in color

Every plant should have access to sunlight or any artificial light to survive for the desired time. Its leaves must be vibrant in colors, be it in green or shaded with other colors. Light is an important element for their growth, as well as the other living creatures in this world, except those who live in the depths of the oceanic abyss.

Consider it this way. A premature baby needs an incubator to be developed and grow stronger for the next several weeks.

The same situation applies to your baby hybrid plants. They need light and warmth at the same time, especially at night, when the sun hides. The maturity process of your strains will depend on the luminous intensity you will shine upon your babies.

During the photosynthesis, your strains produce their food needed for their growth and development. The lower THC Content could be due to the poor photosynthesis and photoperiod that your strain has experienced during the vegetation cycle.

They must be in an ideal height and upright growth

When a caterpillar grows bigger, it has to go through ecdysis or shedding of the skin. We all know that its current skin stops growing and because of this, the insect must molt its old skin and place itself with a bigger one to continue developing.In the case of hybrid plants, they never shed any skins, instead, they simply grow higher and taller. The shedding of the skin will apply to your room provided for your hybrid plants. In case they grow taller, they require bigger spaces to gain proper ventilation.

The air they will breathe is a catalyst for their growth and development, just like we use the air for fueling our overall physiological operations, considering that we need oxygen to move, think, eat and live.

With this, you have to create an effective ventilation system for them.  The Carbon Dioxide that they absorb will react upon photosynthesis and turns to sucrose, the sugar primarily converted into energy.

Failure to give the quality fresh air can make your poor plants being suffocated in the room and wither in no time.

Thicker stems mean better hydration

How can you determine that a person is dehydrated? Is it easy to notice its marks?The same applies to your hybrids. They should have a thick stem that will act as the backbone to hold everything. The main stem’s primary function is to act as the way of all nutrients and water up to the top of your plant’s body.

Abundance or simply sufficiency in water supply assures your plant of a step closer to successful growth and reproduction. The water acts as a vehicle that transports the nutrients from the soil to the innermost parts of it. Apart from transporting, water helps the plant to stand firmly from the surface while keeping its systems well-hydrated.

Besides, your water needs nutrition so that your plants can easily acquire the needed ‘vitamins’ that they have to consume during their vegetation and flowering times. Water alone may not help your plants to grow well, that’s why water-soluble nutrients are greatly needed.

They emit that wonderful fresh smell

How lip-biting it is to see your crush wearing his or her most attractive wear while bursting with the aromatic fragrance of his or her chosen perfume. No doubt, the public’s attention may be turned to your crush upon seeing its hottest get-up look.

The same applies to your hybrids. Their aromatic odor diffuses in the air during the time of its flowering cycle, where the flowers are near to bloom and burst its pollen. You can say that you have successfully grown your hybrid if that plant has bloomed its flowers and the best of these, those flowers smell so great. In case that the flowers did not smell, check its buds before using. Be it sour, pungent, skunk, fruity, flowery or sweet in scent, as long as that part smells distinctive, your hybrid plant is healthy.

It must be free from any infestations and infections

The last thing that you have to check is its current condition of being free from any sicknesses due to the changing factors that may affect its growth. For example, any discoloration with the plants may mean dehydration. A bowing stem could mean weaker soil nutrition, and the smaller size of the flowers than its expected size may be due to genetic deformities.

The fifth one is the summation of all its physical traits. As you treat your hybrid plant as your own child, you may notice that you began to act as a concerned and protective parent, giving a blanket of security for your children, far from any problems, inconveniences and most especially, from any kinds of sickness.

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