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Cannabis Ventilation for Odor Control

Every cannabis grower most especially the ones who are growing indoors, knows the fact that a good ventilation is essential to the successful growth of cannabis plants. And the same with the grow lights, water supply, and nutrients, the ventilation of your grow room should be set up according to its right requirements to avoid issues that may cause your cannabis plants to suffer from a certain disease.

For that reason, you need to always ensure that there is a good airflow inside your grow room to control the humidity, keep the right temperature, avoid the formation of molds, and also to replenish the carbon dioxide in the air which is needed for the photosynthesis.

Another thing about proper ventilation is that the odor that is coming from your marijuana plants will be reduced most especially if you will add some tools and other helpful techniques to keep everything discreet. Though we are loving this smell, we still need to control this odor by simply following the tips given below.

  1. Masking Agents

Air fresheners, deodorizers, scented candles, fabric softener sheets, and other perfumes are some of the examples of masking agents that you can use to keep the smell of cannabis in your growing room. Although this will not certainly give you a 100% effectiveness most especially for bigger rooms, you can still use these products for emergency purposes only.

Note: Be careful when using strong perfumes or neutralizers because it may affect the real smell of your marijuana plants most especially if they are in its flowering stage.

  1. Carbon Filter

Carbon filters are one of the best odor control technique that you can add into your ventilation system. They are very easy to use, highly efficient, and its effect can last for a longer time.

So if you want to completely scrub the odor from your growing room, simply use an activated carbon in your carbon filters then set this up at the back of your exhaust system to pull out the air inside your growing room, then this air will be filtered by the activated carbon.

In other words, your neighborhood will not be able to smell any signs of marijuana plants in your area since the active carbon filter did the odor control for you.

  1. Hepa Filter

The hepa filter will not completely remove the cannabis odor inside your growing room. But the use of hepa filter with an activated charcoal can still give you impressive results since it will also help in filtering out some of the smell that is coming from your cannabis.

And aside from it, it can also trap allergens, dust, and the other air pollutants inside your grow room. So even if it will not give you a 100% guarantee that the odor will be scrubbed into your room, you can still trust this odor control product.

  1. Eucalyptus Oil

Eucalyptus oil is a good and natural way of decreasing the cannabis odor inside your grow room. It can also help in maintaining the humidity in your room which will help in the prevention of fungus and molds.

So if you want to convert the smell of cannabis into something refreshing, simply add the eucalyptus oil into a shallow but wide container and let it sit until the cannabis odor lightens and decreases.

There are more little ways on how you can control the odor inside your grow room. But take note that you shouldn’t go for odor control technique that might cause severe damages not just into your plants but also to our Mother Earth such as the use of ozone generator which is found to be bad for our environment including into our overall health.

Overall, if you want to control the cannabis odor in your grow room, all you have to do is to set up a proper ventilation system and follow the tips given here to ensure that you will be the only one who can smell the aroma of your cannabis plants.

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