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Cannabis Strain Grow Guide: Finding the Perfect Strain for You

a guide to finding the perfect strain for you

Choosing what strain you will be planting is the first step in growing Cannabis plants. This is a crucial part because it will reflect the whole outcome of your cannabis cultivation. There are many strains that can be found in seed banks and in online and they are all great and can be delivered safely in your home. Here’s a complete cannabis strain grow guide on what kind of strain you must grow and some examples of strains that might be a good choice.

Are All These Strains The Same?

50% yes and 50% no. All strains have the same parents and history. What makes them different with each other is the fact that they are bred with other strains. As a result, a variety of strains were introduced in the market featuring different features and abilities.

What to look for?

  • Yield

Considering the possible yield is not a small factor that every grower should be mindful about. It is important that you will consider this factor most especially if you are growing for commercial purpose. The demand of Cannabis product differs in places and countries. Wherever you are, what country you may belong, considering the yield to effectively meet the demand of the public should be fully consider.

  • Potency and effect

Whatever your purpose of growing Cannabis plants, potency and effect is an important factor to consider. Not all strains will give “high” effect. All strains differ in THC levels as well as the whole psychoactive effect. If you want a Cannabis strains that have higher potency among others, there are strains for that. There are strains also which are good for medical purposes only and will not give high and psychoactive effect.

  • Ease of cultivation

Whether you are just a beginner or an experienced grower, it will not matter the most especially when it comes to ease of growing. Choose a strain which is easy to grow, flexible to any conditions and strong enough to resist molds and pests because you do not know if there will be sudden changes in your growing area.

  • Outdoor or indoor?

This is a big choice. There are strains which are more suited for indoor growing while there are also strains which are suited for outdoor growing. Deciding what strain you’ll be going to choose will depend whether you will grow Cannabis plants indoor or outdoor.

Top of the List of the Most Recommended Strains

  • Skunk # 1
  • Cheese # 1
  • Black or white widow
  • Super Silver Haze
  • OG Kush
  • Blueberry ( Dutch Passion)
  • Afghan Kush Special
  • Critical +
  • Original amnesia
  • Mataro blue
  • Blue Widow
  • Zamaldelica
  • Chocolope
  • Think Different
  • Critical Yumboldt
  • Skunk Haze

At the end whatever type of strains you will choose, in order to become a successful grower, you need to meet all of your weed’s need and follow our cannabis strain grow guide. Giving all its needs and providing a good environment is still an important key for you to grow successfully. It doesn’t mean that you are growing a good strain then you can have a good yielding, because at the end how you cultivate your weeds will matter the most.

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