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Which Cannabis Stocks are best to Invest In?

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Since cannabis is one of the healthiest plants which is not only useful in recreational purpose but also for medical use, the number of growers rapidly increased. If you are one of the many people who used to live in the rapidly growing cannabis industry then you start to plan on investing cannabis stocks.

Before, cannabis growing is just only a part of the farming industry. Growers cultivate marijuana plants for recreational and for medicinal use. Today, cannabis gives a great opportunity to anyone who wanted to invest their money. So which cannabis stock you must invest? Check this article and be guided off the famous stocks in the cannabis industry.

Cannabis stocks you can invest

1)    AbbVie

This is the top of the list since it is one of the companies with good performance. AbbVie is the content of the recent news because of their biggest milestone in the industry. It is the acquisition of the cancer companies. Aside from that, AbbVie has also connected with Marinol producer, a form of synthetic cannabinoids that could able to treat illnesses. No need to worry when it comes to its legalities because AbbVie is already approved by the FDA or Food and Drug Administration. One of the many reasons why many investors are attracted to invest in Abvvie is the fact that their dividend of their yield increases up to 3.68%.

2)    Cara Therapeutics

It is a biopharmaceutical company that specializes on developing and commercializing new drugs. The company has a wide range of diversified production like focusing on targeting the immune cells which and CB2. Cara Therapeutics is one of the first movers of analgesic production in which it gives a big influence on its overall performance.

3)    GW Pharmaceuticals

This company captured the attention of the public with its recent production of cannabis drug that could able to treat epilepsy.

4)    Insys Therapeutics

This company has small capitalization which makes it friendlier to the public. It specializes in producing sublingual fentanyl spray which can cure cancer pain and syndros a drug that can cure nausea and vomiting that usually happens in the time of chemotherapy.

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