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Cannabis Has More to Do with Enhancing Sexual Pleasure than What Experts Knew So Far: How Adult Store Owners Can Increase Cannabis Seeds Sales

how adult store owners can increase cannabis seeds sales

For the visionary adult store business owners in Canada, it is no longer a secret that having cannabis seeds available for sale can grant access to tremendous prospective profit gains.

However, with a focus on increasing cannabis seeds sales, adult store operators need to understand the multifaceted cannabis and sex life-enhancement niche better. By doing so, they will be able to guide customers through the cannabis seeds selection process properly as to ensure personalized high satisfaction rates, thus, standing apart from the competitors.

The truth is, the cannabis seeds business landscape in Canada is still rather immature, meaning that there is plenty of room to enjoy sufficient paybacks in the short run, yet when it comes to bathing in profit in the long run, the smartest and most effective way to get a piece of the cannabis seeds goldmine is to go that extra mile when it comes to bringing real value to your customers thanks to providing knowledgeable information on sex and cannabis seeds selection.

On the bright side, research on the effects of cannabis for improving intimate relations and copulation frequency is rapidly on the rise, so all of the information adult store owners and their staff can greatly benefit for their best business’ sake is literally only a click away.

The Art of Sexual Enjoyment: Embracing an Individual Approach to Selling Cannabis Seeds in your Adult Store

To start with, sexual functioning and arousal are both quite complicated, since analyzing the sexual effects of just about any substance, including but not limited to cannabis, is a process that is inevitably multilayered.

Interestingly, as shared by Boston-based medical cannabis expert Jordan Tishler in an interview for the online publication SELF, a lot of understanding regarding the effects of cannabis on sexuality needs to go into discussion that focuses “less” on cannabis and has “more to do with sexuality.

To illustrate this better, we know that the effects experienced upon consuming cannabis are highly subjective, just like sex in general. For adult store business owners looking into profiting big from selling cannabis seeds, this is the fundamental pinpoint to keep in mind when approaching the sex and cannabis topic as to advertise, promote, and ultimately, sell the “magic beans” like a pro.

Now, when researchers are to examine sexual enjoyment, they take a whole array of different aspects into account, including but not limited to social, biological, and psychological factors, as these are known to possibly play a big role in arousal, orgasm, attraction, and nonetheless, general satisfaction of the intimate relations. However, even when all of these aspects are considered, good sex still means different things based on each individual’s unique perceptions, likes and dislikes on that matter. Pretty much the same goes to selecting the right marijuana strain to grow from seed with the goal of improving sexual satisfaction.

Despite the fact that it is inherently challenging even for experts to interpret sexual enjoyment due to the wide gap encompassing what good sex means to different people, in a similar way in which it may be challenging to determine which cannabis strain is to work wonders for improving a customer’s sex life, this doesn’t mean it is impossible to guide your clients through this process, thus, greatly boosting your business gains.

As a rule of thumb, approach each customer’s cannabis seeds choice individually.

Below are several questions you may ask your clients in order to help them make the best buying decision (and to watch cannabis seeds sales in your adult store skyrocket).

1. Are you looking for more of an arousing or more of a relaxing cannabis strain?

Sativa cannabis seeds give way to plant varieties that are renowned for providing a major boost in focus, alertness, motivation, and energy. These strains may be the perfect choice for people who want to diversify and magnify their sex life, and/or who happen to be under a lot of pressure and stress that tends to suck out their sexual energy.

Indica cannabis seeds give way to plant varieties that are renowned for providing a deeply relaxing, mind-and-body soothing sensation that is often accompanied by sedation, especially with more of the green medication being consumed. These particular varieties can be the perfect choice for clients who tend to feel nervous and/or tensed prior to sex, as well as for those looking for more of a deep, shared tantric sex-type sensation.

Hybrid strains that possess a balanced ratio of Sativa to Indica genetics can provide the best of both worlds.

All in all, when considering the arousal to relaxation properties of the cannabis seeds you have available for sale in your adult store, don’t forget to educate your clients on the need to embrace a strictly individual approach to picking the right strains to grow. It may take a few trials and errors to find that “perfect-for-sexy-adventures-cannabis strain,” but that’s a whole lot of fun, and nonetheless, experimenting with different strains can grant your customers access to cannabis and sex insights they have never ever really considered.

2. What are the main concerns you want to target through merging sex and cannabis?

While asking a customer on the concerns/issues he/she wants to target when merging sex and cannabis is a delicate topic, you can approach it as tenderly as possible without making your clients feel out of ease. If you run an online adult store, you can simply add an automated fill-in short survey that can help re-direct users to a top X cannabis seeds that can cater best to their needs.

For example, people who want to diminish pain-related issues that block them from making the most of their sex relations should go for Indica and Indica-dominant strains, as these are considered superior for providing efficient pain relief. The amount of THC and CBD encoded in the tiny cannabis seed also matters a lot. Seeds high in CBD can make the perfect choice for customers who want to treat sex and anxiety-related issues.

3. Are you planning to use cannabis before or after copulation?

This is a double win-win question as you can easily boost cannabis seeds sales by redirecting your customers’ attention towards the benefits of cannabis use both prior, as well as after copulation.

Prior to sex, it is crucial that users do not exceed a moderate dose of cannabis, then again, based on their personal prudence and tolerance levels to pot. High doses of cannabis prior to sex can decrease libido. However, after sex, users can choose to enjoy a much higher dose of cannabis, and by doing so, they can sink into a whole new dimension of post-sex intimacy. After a deep mind-to-body relax, they can be charged with new energy for sexy adventure between the sheets.

Increasing Cannabis Seeds Sales in your Adult Store in Canada: Conclusion

By partnering with dependable wholesale cannabis seeds suppliers in Canada, your adult store business is only one step away from bathing in high profit from selling “the magic beans,” as the fantastic discounts on bulk marijuana seeds may be all you need to get your cannabis business flourish as time goes by.

As of now, cannabis and sex surveys show only the existence of a deep correlation between sexual enjoyment and cannabis use, but these surveys and the associated research cannot yet assess the exact mechanism through which the use of the ancient cannabis plant and greater intimacy satisfaction are intertwined.

However, what the lack of strict data on that matter can bring for boosting your adult store cannabis seeds sales is actually a HUGE advantage, as in the still rather puzzling world of cannabis use and sexual enhancement, customers are sure to appreciate every bit of friendly advice and guidelines you can provide them with.

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