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What to Do if Your Cannabis Seeds Fail to Germinate

A cannabis seed has a strong and thick coat which may or may not germinate on the first try. There are also times when a seed will not germinate because its growing requirements were not met. The key is to not lose hope. Don’t throw these precious seeds away. There are a best way to germinate pot seeds.

Growing your Own Marijuana Seeds

Cannabis can grow from seeds or from cuttings or clones. Growing from seeds is common in autoflowering strains since these cannot grow from clones. It is also became common practice to grow your own seeds because of the steep price of seeds online and offline. When you grow your own seeds you will be able to have hundreds, if not thousands of seeds to use for years and years.

How to Help Marijuana Seeds Germinate?

Here are some ways to help germinating marijuana seeds. Take note that as soon as your seeds fail to meet the deadline, despite all your efforts to germinate it through light, the following must be done right away.

  1. Soaking your hard seeds

Take your seeds and place these in water for a few hours. Use a clear glass so you can monitor your seeds easily. The best way to do this is to be very gentle. Sure these seeds have hard outer shells but are still very fragile underneath. Use clean water in room temperature; place this in a clear glass and then gently place a seed inside. Allow it to soak for a while but do not soak it for 24 hours. Soon you will find that your seeds have opened after you have soaked it for a while.

  1. Scuffing your non-germinating seeds

With a file or sandpaper, gently scruff the hard outer shells of your seeds. Scuffing will gently remove the outer shell of the seeds and expose the soft and gentle insides so it could be ready to germinate. The process is quite easy to do. Hold the seed with one hand and the sandpaper could be held or the seed could be rubbed on the paper instead. As soon as you have made a few scratches around the seed hull, take the seed to its germinating pot or pan.

  1. Using the paper towel technique

This is taking a seed, wrapping it in two layers of paper towels and then soaking it with water. Simply place the seed inside the paper and fold it carefully. Take clean water and allow it to drip on the paper. The paper should be completely soaked; place this in a heating pan and heat this for 75 degrees Fahrenheit. The head of the seed will soon open this means that the seed is now ready to be planted.

After successfully germinating your seeds

Now that your seeds have successfully germinated you can now plant it in its designated pot. Place the seed in a pot with the right kind of soil for cannabis seeds. You must also dampen the soil first by wetting it with water; allow water to run through the hole at the side of the pot and then let the soil dry or become damp. When the soil is damp, you can now plant your germinated seed in. Cover it with damp soil and then water it again. Place the pot under your grow light or under the sun if you are growing your seeds outdoors.

In case your seeds do not germinate, check the seed embryo. You might be dealing with seeds with dead embryonic cells. It this is so then no matter what you do, the seed will not germinate. For any breeder or grower that has spent money on seeds, having a dead seed could be devastating. The best way to avoid this is to rely only on companies that supply guaranteed germinating seeds. You may also grow your own seeds so that a dud won’t be a worry at all. Remember that a single bud can create hundreds of seeds. Think of how many seeds you can make with dozens of plants! You can even sell seeds a new income source aside from growing weed.

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