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Cannabis Seedling Stage Comprehensive Guide

cannabis seedling stage comprehensive guide

The different parts of the life cycle of cannabis are all important, but the most important would be the seedling stage. You have to be very hands-on with this stage to make sure that the strain can survive until its next phase.

To have a visual of this stage, this happens when the cannabis seeds split into two but still joined by its husk and attach itself down to the soil and start to grow roots

Now, you may notice the split husk sprouts from the ground, and then the energy absorption starts to produce chlorophyll in the plant. Then you will be happy to see the stems start to grow upwards while the roots under are also spreading on the soil. But take note that this stage is simple, but a little be sensitive in many circumstances and depending on factors. Each stage of the cannabis plant has a different purpose. Now for the seedling stage, it would be making sure that it will have healthy roots that are much needed for its growth. 

And most fatal problems on this stage starts with the roots then goes to the small leaves that will lead to death. This guide will somehow help you understand what should to do during the seedling stage, how susceptible it is with environmental factors, and what it might need. All of these questions will be answered as you go along reading this article. 

The Major Elements for Seedling Stage

In growing marijuana, each stage has the same elements; however, there are some points where it varies. The information on the elements below will be your guide on what exactly should be provided or what will be controlled. 

  • In providing water, it should be well controlled. Keep in mind that the seedling is just starting its life cycle; drowning will be really an issue. Some growers would not notice a seedling that has been overwatered, but to make sure it won’t happen, either poke a little hole at the bottom to let the excess water drain or pour and let the small cannabis sip until the soil gets a little dry. 

Now for underwatering, the usual sign of this problem is when the soil is separating from the container itself. To handle this problem, just water it or better yet is to create a schedule for you to be reminded about your tasks.

  • Protecting your cannabis seedling is a must; therefore, it is required from you to understand the stage as well as the elements that are very important in protecting your seedlings. The seedling stage is crucial in means of  growing, 

This is the stage where you will need to protect your plants by nurturing it from the start. Protecting doesn’t mean that it is just about against authorities but also when it comes to many environmental factors. 

  • One of the protections a seeding must have is a perfect area with protection over the seedlings. This can be a rooftop or plastic sheets, plastic bubble, or dome or can be a transparent shelter that can be used as a dome. 

The said things are an excellent option to keep your cannabis seedlings from insects that might attack, pests and rodents, insects, as well as heavy rains that can drown your seedlings. But take note that it doesn’t have to be very expensive. Some options can be cheap but very helpful.  

To make a dome for your cannabis seedlings, use a slice a transparent or any plastic bottle or container in half, then try to reuse both parts that are in halves to your garden. The idea for this is using the other and cut some little hole. In this way, there will be a great airflow even if it’s covered. 

Aside from that, it can also get enough insulating inside, especially when the winter is coming or when the temperature gets to get very cold.

  • When the temperature is too much, you will notice slight curls on the leaves. Therefore, when it comes to heat, the 73 Fahrenheit should be retained, but if it is getting uncomfortable for the plant, try to move away from the lamp from the cannabis seedlings.  
  • Marijuana seedlings must be handled very well and treated carefully. And in connection, it should also be provided with proper lighting. For the seedling stage of cannabis, there should also be a proper way to light and how long should be the darkness.

Usually, the 18-6 light schedule is commonly followed by cannabis growers, and most of the time, the white light is more favored to use. Lights that will be used are the LED, the MH, or the CFL. And for better support, aside from the 18-6 lighting schedule, you can shift to with 20-4 or the totally 24-hour light cycle.

If there will come a time that you notice that the seedling looks very stretchy or at times if kind of flopping, two main reasons can be due to its genetics, while the other reason is that, due to the light that is positioned too far from the cannabis seedling.

Therefore if you would want to avoid such problems, try installing a white CFL light that is 250W. This cool light should be hanging at a 15cm above from the seedlings to avoid leaves from reaching or wilting, just enough distance to make it help.

For auto-flowering strains, though there may be intuition that it does not require that too much light, well its is a wrong point of view. Auto-flowering needs light to grow to help them in nurturing themselves.

  • Cannabis seedlings that are showing much-stretched leaves of quite reaching out can be due to many environmental reasons and factors. The stretched stem of the seedling will not be able to grow healthier stalks that can handle many branches, leaves, and buds that will get heavier in time. 

To ensure that the stretching will not happen, and will not develop into a very thin stem, it should be handled by bending the stem back and forth. This action will be stressful for the stem of a seedling, and will literally cause a little tearing on the stem.

Keep in mind that this action will force the stem to repair itself; though this is a little risky, this will make the stem stronger and sturdier. Another option in dealing with this issue is to provide blue light as well as maintain and retain temperature from 75 to 80 Fahrenheit.

Transplanting Method for Cannabis Seedlings 

When the seedling starts to outgrow its container or the plastic where it was planted, then this is the right time to do transplanting. While you are using cubes, noticeable roots will be evident so, try to change into a bigger one. 

Some growers would also transplant as soon as the leaves are going vertical. That’s when the leaves are spreading more outside, which leads to its leaves pouring out around the container. Don’t waste another time to do so for sometimes. This can lead to more trouble than help,

With this case, the roots will be attached on to the container, thus harder for the roots to recover. This will drive to stunted growth. Commonly, growers take 7 up to 10 days for seedlings to make sure that roots will grow the right way with no pressure. It will outgrow its starter pots by 50% to 70% or 1 liter or lower.

To sum it all up 

The seedling stage can be easy handles though there can be lots of points that can easily be managed as well as take care of. Remember to check on all the factors such as water, sunlight, and the soil, shelter for the cannabis seedling. 

You can have the shelter in an expensive setup, or you can do it in your DIY way. Another thing to remember, indoor and outdoor have different ways, which means that taking care of seedling outside will be harder. 

From the weather, from heavy rains, pests as well as human, but, if the seedling is placed in a safer part of the garden such as you can start them with the little container or small plastics to help them grow safely. As long as they fit, it won’t be a problem anymore. Just make sure that when they are transferred, it should be in a way much better area. 

Now, if ever you got a great area, you can try transferring your sprouts on a cabinet or a closet. But it would be best if you had the proper equipment to use in this indoor setup, which is the same as with outdoors, the sunlight, water, and well ventilation too. 

Practice also some techniques that you can help in strengthening the stems such as bending, and don’t get to forget to pay attention to lighting that causes stretching and getting thin that makes it weaker. Just as stated, make sure that the distance from light to the seedling, is just enough to provide light without burning the tips.

And the last tip to wrap it up, seedling must be grown indoor first, this can protect the seedling from any future problems, transplant them later on when you get to notice that it can survive all well with other areas. 

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