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Prevention of Cannabis Mutations and How They Happen

Mutation can happen to all kinds of plants. That means, your marijuana plant is not exempted from the rule. But what is a mutation in the first place? 

Does it pose harm to your marijuana’s condition? Can marijuana mutation be avoided in ways possible? 

Genetic mutation of cannabis has gathered a number of questions. As a response to such questions, we shall tackle the process of mutation and the possible means of avoiding it. 

What Is Mutation and Why They Are Happening to Cannabis Plants?

The spontaneous and sudden change that is happening to a plant is called mutation. For instance, you have planted good qualities of males and females cannabis but the end result of it is totally different from what you have expected – the leaves, stems, colors, height, potency, or even the aroma were all different from its parent plants.

So why does the offspring of your cannabis plants resulted in this?

This provided example is definitely showing that you have harvested a mutated cannabis plant. And the root cause of this mutation is due to these three reasons:

  1. Unavoidable evolution of genetics
  2. Wrong replication of cells
  3. Exterior changes (environmental)

These reasons can all happen at the same time as your cannabis plants. However, you shouldn’t get worried about it because the mutation is not actually harmful to your cannabis.

As a matter of fact, there is mutated cannabis now that is still useful despite its crazy and weird appearance. One great example of mutation is a strain named Ducksfoot. Such strain contributed much to growers seeking to change its marijuana’s appearance while retaining the potency it desires.  

But overall, cannabis mutation should not be accepted just like that because not every mutation can result in a good mutation.

Simple Ways to Avoid Unexpected Cannabis Mutation

  1. Make sure that you will maintain a good temperature for your grow room because too much heat and too much coldness are not healthy for cannabis plants.
  2. Regularly check your plants to ensure that molds and pests will not occur to your plants because if not, your plants will be damaged and exposed to different illnesses which can possibly result in mutation.
  3. Do not overwater or over-fertilized your plants because your plants will suffer from deficiencies. And if that happens, there’s a tendency that you will harvest mutated cannabis.

Actually, there are more things that you can do to prevent bad mutations. But since the experts are still discovering the real reason why mutations are happening to different plants, a simple prevention might be enough to get an assurance that your plants will grow with efficiency and excellence.

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