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Leaves of my Cannabis Leaves Curling like Tacos: What to do?

When you check out the internet, you will find that the most common question for cannabis growers on the forums is why their cannabis leaves curling upwards like tacos. You may also have the same question as you now find yourself reading this article. If you may also notice, the stems could be turning a dark shade of purple and the leaves look wrinkly. So first of all, it is good to find out the source of the problem. Let us try and dissect the main reasons why this is happening to your cannabis plants.

Calcium and Magnesium deficiency

If you ask any expert cannabis grower, their immediate answer to this question is that your plants are deficient in the minerals calcium and magnesium. So if you’re constantly giving your plants some supplements on calcium and magnesium, the problem could be that they are not absorbing them properly due to differences in pH level. When your soil and water have low pH which means that they are too acidic, the absorption of calcium and magnesium are compromised therefore resulting in tacoing. So the solution to this problem is to monitor your pH and try and maintain at near-neutral levels of 6.0 to 6.5.

But if you’ve made sure that your pH is at those levels and still your cannabis plants look the same, try putting in a little more calcium and magnesium additives. You can find these additives on any growing stores or online. When you’ve finally found the right remedy, you will find that new leaves growing will be healthy and green and not curled up and wrinkly.

Heat stress and Humidity

If you have tried the solution stated above and it still did not remedy the problem of tacoing cannabis leaves, there could be another reason behind it. Another main reason for cannabis leaves curling like tacos are that they are experiencing extreme heat and humidity conditions and that they are overwatered. Most people think that when the environment is too hot and humid, the best remedy is to water your plants more than what you do regularly. This notion should be changed as a combination of too much heat and overwatering cannabis plants can be consequential, hence the tacoing.

The remedy to this is to manipulate your growing environment better. Check out the plants that are experiencing tacoing and determine what environmental factor could be causing it. It could be that these plants are too close to the growing lights so that they are experiencing too much heat. To solve that situation, simply move those plants away from being too close to the light and make sure that your light is evenly spread out on all your plants in the growing room. Try installing reflectors to make this happen.

If your problems are humidity, try installing dehumidifiers in your growing room and monitor the temperature and humidity regularly to see if the solution works. Or if your budget won’t allow for the purchase of dehumidifiers just yet, put desiccants on every corner of the room but not too much so it won’t suck out all the water vapor in the air.

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