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Ideal Temperature Set Up for Successful Cannabis Growing

ideal temperature set Up for successful cannabis growing

Have you set your mind on growing your own marijuana plants? To grow a great cannabis garden, especially indoors, there are important factors that must be at the top of your priorities, and this includes humidity and temperature. What is the ideal temperature for cannabis plants? For a quick answer, it actually depends on the current growth stage of your plant: seedling stage, vegetative stage, or flowering stage. They all require varying cannabis growing temperatures, so read more to learn all about this.

The Best Cannabis Growing Temperatures

While the cannabis seedlings are just beginning to grow and are still very small, they must rely on transpiration so that they can get the water that they need. To survive, cannabis clones and seedlings must stay within a humidity level of 65 percent up to 70 percent, especially since they do not have fully developed root systems.

They must also be kept in temperatures between 20 to 25 degrees Celsius during photoperiod, and when they grow lights are off, you must decrease the temperatures for about 4 to 5 degrees Celsius. This temperature level would allow them to absorb water through their leaves.

The Best Temperature For A Cannabis Plant In The Vegetative Stage

Once your cannabis plant reaches the vegetative stage where it begins showing stems and leaves, some important changes must be made. As the root system has developed, the cannabis plant is already equipped to absorb water using its roots. The humidity levels do not need to be as high as when they are seedlings, and you must degrees the levels by 3 to 5 percent every week until you reach 40 percent.

When talking about cannabis growing temperatures, you can increase its levels to about 22 degrees to 28 degrees Celsius when the grow lights are turned on and cooling them down by 3 to 4 degrees when you turn off the lights.

The Best Temperature For A Cannabis Plant In The Flowering Stage

The final growth period, the flowering stage, signals the production of the crystal trichomes, THC, and the big buds. During this period, you are nearing the preparation for harvest, so both humidity and temperatures need another set of changes.

The humidity levels must be between 35 percent to 40 percent, as too much humidity can just lead to problems for your plant. Similarly, the temperatures must also be lowered, as additional heat can only end in problems like fewer trichomes production and negatively affecting THC levels. The best temperature at this stage will be 23 degrees Celsius at all times. You should make sure that it will not ever hit about 26 degrees Celsius.

What Should Temperatures Be At The Pre-Harvest Stage?

Though people may not consider this, cannabis also encounters a pre-harvest stage, which is about 2 weeks before harvesting the buds. For this stage, you may choose to leave the temperature and humidity as is, but if you want to experience the best quality of yields with high potency levels, there are still a few tweaks that you need to do.

For high potency, increased THC quantity, and maximum yields, your target must be bringing the humidity levels to be as low as 30 percent. In a similar observation, the temperature must be maintained at 18 degrees to 24 degrees Celsius, with 20 degrees Celsius being the perfect state for your marijuana plant.

cannabis growing temperatures
Germinated cannabis seed on sprouting cannabis. Photo Source:

What Is The Best Temperature For Storing Dry Cannabis?

If you have a fully grown cannabis plant that you have harvested, it is the time to dry your cannabis plant and keeping it. Remember, this step is essential, as the cannabis that you smoke is dried and cured first before being utilized. For these processes, the drier the air is, the better it will be. But, the air must not be too dry, because if the procedure is too fast, it will result in a decreased THC content. The best humidity level is at least 40 to 45 percent, while the temperature must be maintained at around 18 degrees Celsius.

What Will Go Wrong If The Temperature Is Too Hot?

There are various problems if the area of your cannabis grows too hot. First, too much heat can kill your marijuana plant. If you are lucky enough not to worry about the plant dying, the overall growth might slow down a whole lot. Also, if the cannabis growing temperatures are high, the crystals, trichomes, and the THC will not develop the right way. The potency of the weed will also be significantly damaged.

If the cannabis plant is too hot, the plant is highly susceptible to several issues like overstretching, root rot, nutrient burns, the possibility of mold, and growth or multiplication of spider mites, nymphs, and other insects. Moreover, if a weed plant is seen to be too hot, the water will also evaporate out of the leaves, sucking up all the water, so there would be some structural problems and root system problems to face, too.

What Will Go Wrong If The Temperature Is Too Cold?

If the growing area is both too damp and too cold, you will be dealing with the development of mold. When mold is present, it will totally destroy the cannabis plants, and the buds cannot be smoked anymore. Even worse, mold with hinders the plants from growing and kill the plant.

Additionally, if it is too cool, mold will stunt the growth, severely slow down, or stop the total growth of a cannabis plant. If the temperatures are slightly lower than what is required, you can still face the plant not developing enough and not being potent enough. The cold temperatures can also reduce the ability of the plant to practice photosynthesis.

Tips In Achieving The Right Temperature Levels For Growing Cannabis

Now that you are aware of the proper levels needed for the various stages of cannabis growth, you can now manage to maintain the needed levels so that your plants will survive and thrive. However, you must remember that problems can occur, and you must educate yourself on how you should fix them. Here are some tips.’

Have The Right Tools and Equipment

Being equipped as a cannabis grower would be great as you will have the power to resolve and deal with problems the moment that they come. The tools that you should always have in handy are thermometers and hygrometers. These two go hand in hand as one measures humidity while the other measures humidity levels.

Measure the Grow Room Temperature Properly

There is a wrong way to measure the temperature in a room, so you always have to double-check your work. First, get a nice working thermometer with a reader inside the grow area with a viewing panel that you can see from the outside that would be perfect for your use. Make sure that you will measure in the shaded area of the grow room and not under the lights. Also, check your result against other areas to check accuracy. Take the average after several readings, and use that data.

Measure the Grow Room Humidity Properly

Using the hygrometer, you will be able to check on the humidity levels in your mini cannabis garden. In checking this, do not forget that warm air has more water compared to cooler air. Also, warm air rises, so humidity is worse along the roof and ceiling area compared to the floor. To accurately check the humidity reading, you should place the hygrometer towards the area of the room.

How Do You Increase The Temperature In A Grow Room

If you observe that the cannabis growing temperatures area is too low, there are a number of methods that you can check out.

  • Get better grow lights, as more watts and lumens equal producing more heat.
  • Purchase a little space heater that has great safety features for your home.
  • You can also use hearing mats to place under the mats. Keep in mind that you must get high-quality ones, as the low-quality mats are fire hazards.
  • Decrease the ventilation and airflow in the growing area.
  • Use reflective materials to spread light in the room even more.

How Do You Lower The Temperature In A Grow Room

  • If you find the cannabis grow area too hot, which is threatening to everyone, here are some things that you can do.
  • Increase the airflow and ventilation to decrease the heat inside. Just turn on a fan, cut a little hole in a wall, and place the fan inside.
  • If you are using HID lights, switch to LED lights as they produce less heat.
  • Use and install a proper ventilation system.
  • Have the grow lights turned on during the night instead of during the day.

Final Thoughts
Now that you know the ins and outs of temperature and humidity and their relationship to the marijuana plant, you should keep all this information in mind. As long as these pieces of info are applied and observed, you will not have problems in dealing with your cannabis garden, and you will be able to enjoy high-quality yields.

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